Power Source: The Enterprising Damian Bascom

by WL Author

A passionate and productive leader, Damian Bascom’s initiatives are on the verge of leading our city to higher heights.
By Adoria Doucette

Damian Bascom - CEO of Bascom Enterprises

Damian Bascom - CEO of Bascom Enterprises

At the center of our historic and majestic city is the bustling neighborhood of Columbia Heights; embodying many of the positive and progressive ideas that Power Source has shared with the world since November of last year. Columbia Heights is the most historically rich, culturally diverse, and economically vibrant section of the city. Within this midst is a rising star in business and community development, Damian Bascom. At 27 years old, Mr. Bascom has been Chairman of Bascom Enterprises for the past 10 years. The company operates two businesses, www.1877weehaul.com – which services residential, commercial, and industrial junk removal and recycling, as well as www.lawn113.com – which provides a revolutionary product that allows customers to have year round custom landscaping and indoor plant and flower services for a set monthly fee. Mr. Bascom and his employees are literally redesigning the green landscape of Washington, DC and suburban areas of Maryland and Virginia while simultaneously providing customers the ability to responsibly discard and recycle any material.

Craig White II, VP of Marketing and Asseffa Fitta, EVP of Horticulture go through maps outlining specific Bascom green revitilization projects through the DMV area.

Craig White II, VP of Marketing and Asseffa Fitta, EVP of Horticulture present Mr. Bascom maps outlining specific green revitilization projects the company is spearheading throughout the DMV area.

More impressive than the scope of his business ventures, Mr. Bascom has a track record of giving that for his age is unparalleled. He has sponsored block parties for children throughout neighborhoods in Southeast and Northwest DC, donated large sums of capital consistently to build orphanages in Uganda by sponsoring the Tender Mercies Outreach Foundation. Bascom was recently elected President of his Home Owners Association in Columbia Heights, as he has developed a reputation within his community of bringing people from all backgrounds together to accomplish common goals. This year he founded the Building Bonds Research Center (BBRC), for six weeks Mr. Bascom’s Research Center will lead twenty five young adults of the Mayor Fenty’s Summer Youth Employment Program through an extensive introduction of ecology and the environmental movement while having a chance to tangibly spread apply their new knowledge and passion throughout the DC Metro Area on community revitalization projects. With close to 169,000 new green jobs expected in DC over the next decade, Mr. Bascom is definitely putting his time and money on ensuring that the next generation has a world class understanding of efficient home and community ecology. The Building Bonds Research Center will offer a vigorous program to meet Mr. Bascom’s goal of working side-by-side with leaders in the community when it comes to implementing environmental initiatives.

“Damian is an emerging business leader in the Columbia Heights Community. I think his future plans to work with other community businesses are going to really add value to this very dynamic community that his business calls home. I find it exciting to work with Damion as his banker and fellow community partner.” Tavarious ButtsBB&T Columbia Heights Financial Center

Bascom Enterprises has an ambitious and spirited team of employees dedicated to becoming the “smartest recycling company in the world” as many of our neighbors embrace Bascom’s Four Seasons lawn and garden plan, dozens of small beautification projects will emerge throughout the city thanks to Mr. Damian Bascom. What will make our country great moving forward is a steadfast commitment to excellence and innovation. Power Source salutes Bascom Enterprises and its founder for their hard work and ambition. The economic growth that our political leaders speak of will ultimately be developed by hard working and patriotically principled small business owners like Damian Bascom.


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