Society 2.0: This Week’s Top “Status” Report

by Editorial

This week was all about Gleeks, the start of summer, the continuing BP disaster, free donuts, a Beatle, a Golden Girl, and …the 20 Hottest Conservative Women?  Check out the top tweets ringing in the month of June.
By Anna Jacoby

Paul McCartney and James Billington. Photo by Kyle Samperton

Paul McCartney and James Billington. Photo by Kyle Samperton

@pwgavin: I think McCartney’s anti-Bush comment was a ploy to get more Repubs to buy remastered Exile on Main Street CDs

@keeekster: Paul McCartney tells the media to “lay off” on Obama

@mediaite: This Exists: Right Wing News Lists 20 Hottest Conservative Women (attn @womensmediacntr)

@OhMyGOFF: Transgendered men go topless in Rehoboth: via @wusa9 #topless #beach

@mdornic: Dear DC Drivers, it’s not battery acid. Just rain. Get a grip.

Tommy McFly with Jack Quinn

Tommy McFly with Jack Quinn

@TommyMcFly: If U scream at a driver then realize it’s a car full of priests. . . Is that a one way ticket to hell? TW by intern Tanya

@helena_andrews: “Even your breath stinks of mediocrity.”–Sue #GLEE

@BmoreFab: Why is the cancer sign soooo competitive? It’s quite scary. All of them.

@CADelargy: Betty White is the only living Golden Girl.. and after WHCD, I think we all know the secret to her long life.. vodka on the rocks

@ABC7Scott: Another BP setback: saw needed to put cap on leak, gets stuck in pipe–and Obama angers some by allowing new drilling off LA coast-story

@vermontgmg: My day = made. It’s evidently National Donut Day, so Dunkin’ was giving away free donuts outside my hotel.

@TommyMcFly: HAPPY NAT DONUT DAY – celebrating @DCDunkin Wisteria Drive in Germantown 9-11! PRIZES & GLAZE COME VISIT (@MIX1073)

@marquisperkins: Why am I up?!

A long week of pessimism, oil leak chaos, aggressive drivers, and the only sliver of delight came from free donut day by Dunkin Donuts (an establishment the District only has 4 locations of)?  TGIF.

Anna Jacoby is a DC native and a rising junior at Boston University (where Dunkin Donut establishments are more common than Starbucks).  She currently interns at Washington Life magazine.

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