Society 2.0: This Week’s Top “Status” Report

by Editorial

As Stephen Strasburg made his Nats debut, local restaurants created “Strasburgers” in his honor. At the same time, Obama’s college pad sells for $1,900 a month and the iPhone launches it’s fourth edition. As the DC Jazz Festival comes to a close and we kick off the World Cup (LET’S GO USA!), check out the top tweets from this week.

By Kara Landsman

Morgan Ortagus with Caroline Furukrona

Morgan Ortagus with Caroline Furukrona

@MrDanZak: Holy f*ck, a hobo on Canal Street just asked me for 27 cents and I had exactly 27 cents in my pocket.

@KatieRost: is contemplating a blond Beyonce weave for July… I think its high time I get high maintenance.

@K street Kate: Hirschorn innovates with first museum iPhone app

@helena_andrews: #GLEE makes me wanna have a kid and be a cray cray stage mom. My time to be a prima ballerina/pop diva? Over. But Lil Helena will KILL IT.

@TommyMcFLY: “I thought my parents knew about ____ but it was news to them!” Mine was the old FAKE ID.. Yours? 1800.727.1073. CALL NOW

@OhmyGOFF: Stras-burgers on sale at 3 different joints!

Katie Rost

Katie Rost

@MattJLauer: Globalization bastardized: eating in “American Italian” restaurant, decorated in a Mexican theme, operated by Filipinos in an Arab country.

@TrippDonnelly: The World Cup’s Social Media Evolution

@dubfire_scitec: Must try not to overdose on buffala mozzarella

@vermontgmg: Guy near me @ Tryst says his goal is not to get arrested on his birthday this year. That’s happened 3 times in his 20s. Good luck dude!

@keekster: Obama’s college pad for rent. Not bad, two bedrooms in NYC for $1900

@MorganOrtagus: Meredith Viera told me I smell great! Haha

@pwgavin: Well, that sounds fun: “USDA to Host Red Meat Mobile Slaughter Unit Information Session”

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