SEEING THE LIGHT – art reflects the artist

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Brit Hammer (1969) is a Norwegian-American artist well-known for her lyrical fresco cement paintings and powerful abstract fine art mosaics. She is also the author of the bestselling books Breakout! Your Pathway to Success and Mosaic: Finding Your Own Voice.

The “Seeing the Light” slide presentation and talk will chronicle the evolution of Brit’s work, from her early years as a fashion designer to becoming a glass artist. Brit will share the intimate background stories behind several of her pivotal artworks while explaining the evolution of her two distinct bodies of work.

Those attending will leave with insights into how art reflects the life of the artist while also mirroring a facet of society.

Date: September 24, 2010

Time: 7-9pm

Location: Maverick Mosaics Art School & Studio, Vienna Virginia

Attire: casual

Ticket/Pricing Information:

Free admission | Reserved seating.

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