Society 2.0: This Week’s Top “Status” Report

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In this year, DC has been hit by earthquakes, a snowpocalypse, and record-breaking summer heat: Is mother nature trying to tell us something?  The buzz in the Twitterverse this week revolved around this morning’s 3.6 magnitude earthquake, the oil cap, and a sweet tooth for Georgetown Cupcake and it’s new show.  Get your “Aftershock Cocktail” at West End Bistro and toast to the remarkable fact that DC is still standing!

By Anna Jacoby

Georgetown Cupcakes

Georgetown Cupcakes

@pwgavin: I only wish I could be as cool as people who’ve experienced > 3.6 earthquakes. Y’all are totes bad-ass, wanna touch those biceps

@skeevis: Thought I moved away from all this earthquake crap when I left CA…

@edhenrycnn: West End Bistro offers #dcquake Aftershock Cocktail, $3.60 in honor of magnitude. Californians have to be laughing at us weak Washingtonians

@ABC7Julie: RT @danathePIO: Between the earthquake and the hot weather, today is “Quake and Bake” day in Maryland. #dcquake

@cheeky_geeky: That wasn’t a DC earthquake last night – that was the sound of me breaking hearts

@washdcnews: Minor Quake in DC Doesn’t Shake Up Obama

@BetsyMTP: Finally! @BreakingNews BP says new cap is holding up under test, no oil leaking for first time since disaster started

@pcousteau: BP claimes to have stopped leak. That is great news but the disaster is far from over…

@washingtonpost#FF RT @andmegansaid There’s a cap on the oil spill but apparently not on Mel Gibson. #wpweek

@theabaagency:OMG yeees! RT @NikkiSchwab: @theabaagency@GTownCupcake sisters should open a gym next door!

@ANguyen07: RT @GTownCupcake FRI JULY 16th – Giving out cupcakes to celebrate the premiere, all DAY LONG! One FREE cupcake/person until closing!

@MissDC2009: second random thought: What did Lady Gaga wear before she was famous?

Patrick Gavin with Taylor Griffin and Anne Bracken

Patrick Gavin with Taylor Griffin and Anne Bracken

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