Society 2.0: Wake up Washington (like never before)

by Editorial

What could be better than breakfast in bed?  A new device that’s putting Washingtonians in touch with the world the moment they wake up.

By Angie Goff

Sony Dash experiment

You wake up and before you can blurt R-E-M you have your mail, your newspaper and the forecast in your face, beating out the bathroom mirror.

You’re not dreaming. Such a device exists. It’s called the Sony DASH and the web-enabled alarm seems perfect for thedash multi-media tasking Washingtonians out there.

I own an iPad and was amazed by the similarities between the two with exception to the price. The Dash goes for about $200. This gadget is a Wi-Fi alarm clock that puts almost anything you need from online available bedside.  The touchscreen (like the iPad) lets you check the weather, set your favorite news pages (cough cough and even have your Facebook updates readily available without having to turn on or log in to anything.

The entertainment value is impressive too. You can watch movies on it with NetFlix as well as Youtube videos and music. The screen isn’t huge… but I can’t imagine it being any bigger considering it’s main purpose.  It’s small but keep in mind this alarm clock is armed with thousands of apps to choose from. My only con would be the gadget is tethered to the wall. There’s no battery (Sony says the next one has it) so you’re plugged in and limited with pick-up and mobility.

FINAL THOUGHTS: So here’s the deal from someone who wakes up in the weeeee hours of the night for work and cannot afford to waste one second. Consider this an alarm clock on H-G-H: it takes the basics to boombastic. It’s a perfect wake-up station for someone who knows exactly what they need from the internet whether it be facebook, weather, news or scores.

Now if we could only find an app that could fix my 3Am wake-up call for the morning show.

About the writer: Angie Goff covers traffic, entertainment and social media for WUSA-TV Channel 9 in Washington DC. Her blog Oh My Goff is also a daily TV segment that shares local buzz as reported by people in the community via social media sites like Facebook and Twitter

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