Twenty Something: Single of the Month– Natalie Angelo

by WL Author

This month, our featured single, Natalie Angelo, shares her thoughts on the DC dating scene.

By Ursula Lauriston

Natalie Angelo

Natalie Angelo

This morning I woke up with a thought. What if twenty something singles were as aggressive in love as they are at work? What would dating look like in DC? Or, is the dating game cut throat enough as it is? Think about these questions while we talk to this month’s Twenty Something Single. Unless you’re married or in a committed relationship, the dating game in DC can be a roller-coaster for many.  Today, we take a peek into Natalie’s dating life and get the inside scoop on this Hill staffers thoughts on love and relationships.

nataileangelo20806 Name: Natalie Angelo
Age: 28
Occupation: Projects Director, United States Senate

Tell us about the Twenty Something single scene in DC…
I think it’s so lacking and awkward. There’s a lot of pressure. I feel in such a transient city, a lot of people are not looking for serious relationships.  This poses a problem for someone like me, who is. Unless you break your normal weekly routine, you’re not going to meet anyone. People are set in their ways, in their schedules. You have to branch out and check out new things if you ever want to meet new people.

What’s the worst piece of dating advice your non-single friends have ever given you?
Online dating. Online dating. Online dating.  They think its fun to fill out profiles when they’re really bored, but in a relationship.

What do you think about online dating?
In general I think online dating would be great concerning the amount of hours we sit in front of a computer. But the truth is Capitol Hill is too small. Just the other day, I was browsing profiles and found two people who work in my building. So right now it’s not for me.

What can a guy do to get your attention?
I like when a guy just walks right up and takes the initiative. I’m more traditional, so I like to be courted. In such a fast-paced city I feel like taking time and putting in effort goes a long way.

What would you say is your biggest red flag?
I want men to not be so afraid of accomplished women. And pick up the phone! Texting and email is a total cop out.

What do you think is one mistake a lot of Twenty Something’s make while dating?
Causal dating and doing too much too fast.

What do you look for in a guy?

I’m really funny, so I need someone who’s not going to compete with my sense of humor. Don’t try to outwit me—it’s not going to happen. I like really tall men and I love the Ryan Gosling types. He has to have a great relationship with his family. I want someone who isn’t afraid of standing behind a woman, yet confident enough in themselves to be able to support and encourage a woman’s career.

If I could say anything to twenty something’s it is: be optimistic, be real and stand for something. Anything! And stick with it.  And a lot of people wonder if they can really have it all. I think we can.

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