Twenty Something: Single of the Month

by WL Author

This Twenty Something likes his women feisty.

By Ursula Lauriston

Ronald Jones

Ronald Jones

Name: Ronald Gordon Jones
Age: 22
Occupation: IT Consultant

Twenty Something: When was your last date?
Ron Jones: About 2 weeks ago. She’s was an older woman. I prefer older women.

TS: What is it about older women that you enjoy?
RJ: In my experience, most women around my age don’t know what they want. It’s hard to take them seriously when they don’t take themselves seriously.  Older women are driven and more stable. I’m in a very stable place right now so naturally I want someone in the same place.

TS: What else do you look for in a woman?
RJ: That’s a loaded question. I like a very open minded woman who’s cultured. If we visit another country I want her to be able to adapt to their customs. I also love a woman with a diverse taste in music because that lets me know just how open minded she is.

I like eccentric women.with bubbly personalities. There’s nothing worse than a woman who’s angry, has an attitude, and never smiles.


TS: Physically what do you look for?
You really want to know? I like physically fit women with a pretty face and a beautiful smile. Oh! And please get your hair done! No need for extensions and all that mess. Use what you got.

TS: How do you feel about Black women dating outside of their race?
RJ: I say go for it. Love is blind. Who are we to judge? Opposites attract and sometimes the most random combination’s really work.

TS: What do you think about black women who get angry when they see Black men dating outside of their race?
RJ: I think they have no reason to be upset. Like I said, love is blind. If you have a complex about it that’s something you need to work out inside yourself. People need to mind their business.

TS: In your dating experience, what has been the biggest mistake that women make?
RJ: Different women make different mistakes. Older women tend to patronize and make you feel like you don’t know anything. I hate that. Patronizing is not cool.

Younger women lie so much. And they’re terrible at it! They lie to impress, to show off, they lie about everything. STOP LYING.

And a lot of women don’t leave anything to the imagination. What happened to the mystery? Don’t be lustful unless the time is appropriate. You can be sexy and subtle at the same time and that’s what gets a man’s attention.

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