Twenty Something: Sexy Fitness Hits P Spot

by WL Author

The P Spot gives Capitol Hill women a sexy way to stay in shape.

By Ursula Lauriston

The P Spot clients showing off items from their goodie bags.

The P Spot clients showing off items from their goodie bags.

Recently, The P Spot® took DC by storm when they hosted their much anticipated ‘new location’ launch party – celebrating the grand opening of their newest Capitol Hill boutique. Crowds of women gathered in the bigger space to celebrate, take sample classes, and snag P Spot goodie bags.

The P Spot®, a new trend among women looking for a sexy way to stay in shape, is an alternative fitness center that offers classes such PoleFit, Stripaerobics, and Chairwork (just to name a few) as part of their lineup of workout regimens. This week, Twenty Something caught up with founder Michaela Brown to talk about the phenomenon taking over Capitol Hill.

Twenty Something: How did you come up with the idea for The P Spot®?

Michaela Brown: The idea was already out there. Carmen Electra and a host of other people have produced pole dancing videos and passed them off as exercise. It was fun, but there was no real workout. I’ve played sports my entire life and I’ve been a personal trainer for years so I decided to incorporate the fun, sexy side of pole dancing with other traditional forms of exercise—and exoterobics was born.

I incorporated this company in 2006 when I was 25. I went from being behind a desk to doing this full time.

TS: What has exoterobics done for your body that other workouts haven’t?

MB: The key to fitness is getting up and doing it. Half the battle is getting to the gym. Its way more motivating to get up and do something fun than something boring.  It’s painstaking on the mind to go run on the treadmill. This kind of working out makes you slimmer, stronger, and faster. Since starting exoterobics, I’m leaner, longer, and thinner with more endurance.

The P Spot® helps people go beyond the physical. Women get to forget about everything else that’s going on and feel sexy.

TS: Why did you think there was a need for something like this in an area that can at times be so conservative?

Center: Michaela Brown and The P Spot girls

Center: Michaela Brown and The P Spot girls

MB: It’s such a misconception that DC women are conservative because of their careers. In fact, because of their demanding workloads and hectic schedules, they’re the people who need it the most.  We’re all women. Feeling sexy will never go out of style and everyone needs to be healthy. The quality of my service is going to get you both of those things. You’re a woman, you want to feel good and you want to look good naked. You want to be around and healthy. It’s all those things. It’s a lifestyle. Conservative or not, every woman wants that.

TS: What would you say to someone who’s hesitant about coming to the P Spot?

MB: Just show up. Take one class. Give me one opportunity to change your mind. You’ll see other like minded women; women of all shapes, ages, and backgrounds.


The G spot, oh I mean The P Spot (silly me and my vivid imagination) is located on 518 10th St. NE. Currently PoleFit, Strip-Fit, Strip Aerobics, Chairwork, P-Lates, and Bootcamp are being offered starting at $12 a class. In the coming months The P Spot will be adding Hip Hop Danceaerobics, Bellydance Aerobics, and Zumbarobics.

You’re welcome Twenty Somethings.

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