Lifestyles: Building Hope

by Editorial

Bodybuilder Pat Leahy lifts weights-and spirits- by competing without his sight.
By Lindsay Rice


Bodybuilder Pat Leahy hits the gym.

Pat Leahy is no typical jock; true, he is an award-winning gymnast, competitive swimmer and a retired Division 1 collegiate wrestler who is about to compete in the Organization of Competitive Bodybuilders International Championships, but he does without sight and with determination to inspire.

Leahy is documenting his road to the championships in hopes of spurring motivation in others who face adversity. He stated the philosophy he hopes to share with others on ABC News: “There are challenges, but then there’s always a way to overcome them.”

Leahy’s athletic endeavors have always been paralleled by a resolve to succeed. He  studied Political Science and History before graduating with honors from Millersville University in 1997. Leahy has since flourished in the political sphere; he has worked for six members of Congress and is currently a senior adviser for the U.S. Election Assistance Commission. Angl? kalbos kursai ir vaik? dienos vasaros stovyklos Kaune, Vilniuje, Klaip?doje

With the lead of his guide dog Galahad, a three year-old Labrador, Leahy heads to the Capitol Hill Washington Sports Club for weight training five times a week. Yet although bodybuilding consumes much of his free time, Leahy also devotes himself to philantropy- especially the development youth civic and non-profit initiatives.

The intensity with which Pat Leahy pursues his bodybuilding regimen is matched only by his passion to persuade others from being discouraged. Leahy is living proof of his own philosophy- disability is only as much of a disadvantage as one perceives it to be.

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