The Dish: RIVERS at the Watergate

by Editorial

The floodgates have opened…to RIVERS at the Watergate offering an unforgettable fine-dining experience to one of DC’s most iconic areas.
By Sheila Mulhern

Guests enjoy the opening of RIVERS at the Watergate

Guests enjoy the opening of RIVERS at the Watergate.

The Kennedy Center welcomes a new neighbor! RIVERS at the Watergate recently opened, joining the historic Watergate community to offer an elegant yet conversational dining option.

Executive Chef Michael Smithson prepares a panoply of American-style cuisine from steaks to seafood. Plans for a “rivers” themed cuisine will be incorporated, fusing a food and wine pairing from selected international river regions and exclusive dining events will celebrate each introduced locale. Exploring representations from the Amazon to the Seine, RIVERS will seasonally host these and many other iconic, international waters.

RIVERS at the Watergate

The floor-to-ceiling windows greet visitors who are sure to cherish the elite location overlooking the Potomac River. Encompassing over 7,000 square feet, features include a bright, fine-dining area, bistro area as well as a piano bar and outdoor patio. Contemporary artwork populated by local artists highlights the interior décor.

Conveniently located near the Foggy Bottom metro stop, this proves to be a welcome dining oasis that can satisfy everyone from the after work crowd to the theater goers.

RIVERS will be open for lunch and dinner on Monday through Friday and for dinner only on Saturday. The restaurant is closed on Sunday.

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