Fashionable Life: ‘Charming’ Accessories in Georgetown

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Jacyln Mason, owner of Charm, opens up about coordinating jewelry and accessories in the District.

Charm's Jacyln Mason

Charm's Jacyln Mason showcases bold, statement-making necklaces.

Washington Life: What moved you to open Charm?
Jaclyn Mason: I opened Charm because I felt there weren’t any concentrated places in DC to buy jewelry, gifts, and accessories. Due to my previous work in fashion, I wanted to bring a unique element to Washington. Jewelry has always been a passion of mine and offering the “look for less” is setting Charm on a new frontier. I wanted to offer a price range of very high end pieces and low end products to satisfy a range of customers.  I also wanted to offer style tips as well as coordinate jewelry and accessories for special Washington events.

WL: Why is Charm different?
JM: We are different because our pieces and brands we carry are unique and cutting edge. We custom order a lot of jewelry and do whatever we can to keep clients happy and up to date on fashion trends. We prefer to “have it first.” Most importantly we are up to date on all the buying trends and we pride ourselves on knowing exactly what the market has available in regards to jewelry, gifts, and accessories.

WL: What are women buying this winter?
JM: This winter women are buying affordable accessories and jewelry at discounted prices. This winter the top trends are Alexis Bittar, Jennifer Zuener, Kendra Scott, and many more. Also this winter women are buying gifts and glamorous products. There is a tendency for a lot of shine and bling. People want the element of high fashion and luxurious products for a reasonable price. We have that here.

WL: Should guys buy jewelry for women? What’s the best way?
JM: Of interesting note, we have a surge of male customers. We work with them very closely to assure that they will buy pieces that their loved ones will be happy with. Our confidence in advising on products has led to a great relationship with our male clients. We steer them the right way.

From chunky necklaces to whimsical earrings, Charm offers a variety of accessories to enhance your look.

From chunky necklaces to whimsical earrings, Charm offers a variety of accessories to enhance your look.

WL: Is DC style changing?
JM: I try to lead people in experimenting with fashion! I think women are slowly starting to be more interested in “stepping out the box” and enjoying fun whimsical pieces. We are starting to stray away from the more conservative style aesthetic and are now broadening into a more trendy, modern, sophisticated way of accessorizing and utilizing ones wardrobe. That’s exactly what we try to do at Charm. We try to bring what current in fashion in NY, LA, and Europe to Washington.

WL: Looking ahead to spring, what can we expect from Charm?
JM: Washington can expect lots of rose golds, bright colors, raw earth elements, and a whole lot of bling ( I don’t think the bling is going away anytime soon). We make sure every season we are ahead of trends and innovative. We make sure that a lot of our brands and pieces are exclusive to Charm. Spring of 2011 will bring a brand new e-commerce website as well as a new private label jewelry brand by Charm. We also are hoping that our products reach customers all over the country and world.

WL: Charm seems to be part lounge/part store. Where did this concept originate from? It feels very LA.
JM: The second floor of Charm is home to epgPR, a PR agency founded by Erika Paola Gutierrez. Between clients coming in for both Charm and epgPR, it is safe to say we have started a little club here on M St! People are constantly stopping in to deliver the daily gossip as well as shop for the latest trends and discuss the DC social scene.  Due to this dream location we are always in the know!  We created this concept ourselves by making sure that everyone under this roof is fun, exciting and most importantly, are friends. It has always been my dream to “Go to work with my buddies.”

WL: Is chunky always good?
JM: Chunky is great for those who are comfortable wearing pieces that will draw a lot of attention. I personally try to push people to express themselves. It definitely isn’t for everyone, but confidence goes a long way when wearing chunky pieces. We offer a variety of understated pieces as well as loud and bold.

WL: We keep hearing that Georgetown will continue to grow and become more of a retail spot with more boutiques. Is that happening? What’s the immediate future of Georgetown’s shopping scene?
JM: There is a major shift in the Georgetown shopping scene. I feel that in the future it will be harder for boutiques to survive without the proper branding. Top brands are what consumers want lately. Quality and customer service is key to the future of Georgetown Shopping. I hope more boutiques that carry top brands as well as concentrated brands keep arriving. I’m excited that we have made our spot on M St. and hoping that other entrepreneurs will follow our lead.

WL: You grew up in DC. How has the style scene changed?
JM: Fashion is slowly arriving to Washington, and I think Charm is contributing to that. Growing up in DC I found people weren’t as daring as they are in other in cities when it comes to dressing and accessorizing. Growing up with a very fashion forward mother has been a blessing. Thanks to her great sense of style and forward thinking, I have always grown up around fashion progression.  Now, when I go out, I notice that people are putting more of an effort into looking good and staying current with trends and brands. DC is evolving and I’m excited that Charm is a part of it!

Charm is located at 2910 M Street Northwest Washington D.C., near the Foggy Bottom Metro line. Store hours are Mon-Sat 11am-7:30pm; Sun 11am-6pm.

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