FYIDC: Experience Yoko K.

by Editorial

Musician, Yoko K prepares for her performance at Irvine Contemporary January 29, as she creatively transforms the traditional concert experience.
By Melissa Henderson

image courtesy of Ivine Contemporary and Artist

Image courtesy of Irvine Contemporary and Artist

Yoko K is a electronic music composer based out of the District with Japanese roots. Since the age of 3, she has been playing the piano, saxophone and clarinet. She is much of a rarity and one of few contemporary female musicians when it comes to composing, producing, engineering and mixing her own performance pieces.

Yoko’s music style is executed unconventionally, as she often incorporates discussions with her audience throughout the show. It is an experience, as audience members really have a chance to interact, not only with Yoko, but with the music that is being produced.


Yoko’s music laboratory performance will be held at the Irvine Contemporary at 6p.m. For more info view here.

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