Society 2.0: This Week’s Top Tweets

by Editorial

It’s been an interesting week for all of us. The riots in Egypt are continuing, Anderson Cooper was attacked, and we found out that Dan Snyder is suing the City Paper. Here are this week’s top tweets.

Dan Snyder. Photo by Tony Powell.

Dan Snyder. Photo by Tony Powell.


@geoffliving Dear DC weather people: Rain is not a blizzard. Don’t over do it.

@PSDungeonMaster In DC they call it snowpocalypse. In Chicago we call it Tuesday.


@GroundhogPhil No shadow! My prediction: an early spring! Forget science. Ignore common sense. This groundhog would never lie

@CRAVEdc Punxsutawney Phil didn’t see his shadow and predicted an early spring… Who else is hoping he’s right??

@sparkleparties It’s Groundhog day…really??? Can’t possibly be accurate w/ so many lights, cameras not to mention the guy who pulls him out the hole lol!

@WrldOfElegnce You know, its amazing. We have all this technology and yet we still rely on a freaking GROUNDHOG to tell us when spring is coming.


@nealbrennan Look, Egyptians, we all find Anderson Cooper’s refusal to dye his hair annoying. But
beating him won’t help.

Hillary Clinton.

Hillary Clinton.

@StateDept #SecClinton: “We condemn in the strongest terms attacks on reporters covering the ongoing situation in #Egypt.”

@Calgary85 AlJazeera’s website article – “Has #Mubarak won?” (The scene in #Cairo looks like something out of Les Miserables.) Answer – Yes. #egypt

@NevineZaki words cannot express how proud i am of this country right now. Bless you #Egypt #Tahrir #Jan25

@StephenAtHome I don’t blame Mubarak for what’s happening in Egypt. I blame his evil vizier Jafar. Who appoints a parrot to a cabinet position?

@fakeusatoday In a desperate move to boost his popularity, Egypt’s president has changed his name to
Mubarak Muobama.

@ricky_zul Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable. (JFK) #Egypt


@wcp in case you missed the news last night: Dan Snyder sued us. Read the complaint:

John Boehner. Photo by Kyle Samperton

John Boehner.

@superstud99 on second thought i deleted my last tweet, dan snyder might come and sue me

TBD? Dan Snyder insists @WCP‘s Dave McKenna made fun of his wife. @TBDFactsMachine calls malarkey on him:

@caitlin_thomps? Surely there’s a Snyder-hating lawyer who’ll defend the WCP pro bono: RT @Slate Why Dan Snyder will lose his libel suit.

RT @mikemadden ESPN: Satan’s lawyer wants @wcp to take down image depicting Dan Snyder as devil.

@kevin_caldwell1? @wcp readership up 60% this wk. How many never read article til now? Is Dan #Snyder best thing to happen?

@Ciscovaras Snyder filed his absurd suit in NYC. I predict he wins if the judge is a Giants fan.


@BorowitzReport At the National Prayer Breakfast, John Boehner will lead Americans in praying that they never need healthcare.

@foxheadlines OPINION: This Year’s National Prayer Breakfast — Truly Inspirational

@onfaith? Obama mentions @charitywater in his address at National Prayer Breakfast. Why?

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