YGL Snapshot: Shom Chowdhury

by Editorial

We catch up with the stylish and sexy Shom Chowdhury, who is anything but just looks, he is also the Co-founder and CEO of a the new company Salido

Sam Chowdury (photo by Tony Powell)

On your iPod?
Rock: The Strokes, The White Stripes, Interpol. Electronic: Deadmau5. To chill: Portishead. Jazz: always Vijay Iyer, a buddy of mine and a virtuoso on the keys.

Favorite app?
Hipstamatic is a cool camera app that basically simulates old school cameras and you can select the film, lens and flash. Each picture comes out looking like a gothic version of reality or antiqued.

What do you collect?
I have Harley and Ducati motorcycles that I treat like my kids (maybe because I don’t have any and I secretly want them). Every time I see a Gibson Guitar I swear it says “buy me.” Tim Corun at Georgetown’s Jinxproof tattoos does such a good job that I just can’t stop.

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