Twenty Something: For the Love of Football

by WL Author

NFL Giants player Clint Sintim returns to the DMV to celebrate the big 2-5.
By Ursula Lauriston

Clint Sintim

This weekend NFL Giants player Clint Sintim returned to his Virginia home to celebrate his twenty-fifth birthday at DC’s Shadow Room. At 6’2 and two hundred and twenty pounds of solid muscle, Clint insists he’s just your average Twenty Something. “I’m kind of silly,” says Clint. “I grew up in Northern Virginia and love to spend time with my family and have a good time.” Born in Fairfax, Virginia Clint’s father emigrated from Ghana at the age of 19 and settled in the state. “I have an older brother who’s 26, 17 year old twins and 3 step sisters. We’re like the Brady bunch.”

Twenty Something: Help me understand what it is about football that gets guys so excited.

Clint Sintim: Football is the ultimate competitive sport and I’m a very competitive person. It’s caveman like. I have a goal and I will move you to get to my goal–it’s the ultimate male sport. It’s a sport that I love and I appreciate the fact that I’m even playing.

TS: Did you always know you were going to play football?

CS: I started in 9th grade. To be honest I was bored and needed something to do.

TS: What were you like in middle school? (No one was cool then so this should make the rest of us feel a little better about ourselves.)

CS: I’m not really Mr. Cool right now but in middle school I was definitely the class clown. I was always making jokes. I was a kid. I just wanted to have fun. Over time I didn’t really dig school but I loved football so in order for me to play I had to get good grades.

TS: Your life has changed in some pretty major ways since being drafted by the Giants. What are some little ways its changed that people would never guess?

CS: I spend a little differently now. (Chuckles). But to be honest I think the only thing that has changed is everyone else’s perception. Those who knew me before don’t look at me as just Clint anymore. They look at me as Clint the NFL player. But I’m still Clint. I should be judged like everyone else.

TS: How has that transition been?

CS: The thing is people think it’s an over night success but its not. It’s a lot of work. You build yourself up and a lot of times your a young guy and they throw all this money at you. Most of us have never had that and might not know how to orchestrate that money in the right way. I have a great support staff now, like my agent and financial staff, who help me realize I need to be smart with my money.

TS: Who do you look up to?

CS: I respect a lot of people who go about things the right way and accomplish goals. Whether they entertain or play sports. Like Michael Vick. He made a mistake just like everyone else and has bounced back in an amazing way.

TS: What more do you have to accomplish?

CS: I have so much more to accomplish. I want to be a better football player. I think what separates a good player from a bad one is not being complacent. I’m working hard to be the best.

TS: What’s your favorite place in DC to go on a date? Or is there a nicer, more intimate spot outside of the city you like to go?

CS: Aww man, I can’t give all my secrets away! To be honest I don’t know all the great spots in DC.

TS: Are you not going on any dates?

CS: I just chill. If I find something that I’m able to pursue than that’s something that I’ll do. If it’s right it’s right. And I know New York better than DC. So when I’m here I depend on friends to tell me where to go.

TS: Last and most important question—Clint will you marry me?

CS: I don’t know anything about you.

TS: I’ll take that as a yes.

New York Giants player Clint Sintim.


You’re welcome Twenty Somethings.

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