Society 2.0: This Week’s “Status” Report

by Editorial

From the ban and re-launch of UberTwitter as Uber Social to the popularity and prominence of hashtagging events, the Twitterverse this week seemed to focus on, well… Twitter. We bring you our picks for some of the week’s best tweets.
By Gabbi Baker

From left, John Legend, Jamie Foxx and Nick Jonas pay tribute to Motown at the White House. Photo from Getty Images.

With the kind of uproar that Blackberry (and Android) users created after the Twitter shutdown of population application, UberTwitter…

@jaketapper: Dear twitter overlords: I get the business model in killing ubertwitter, but wd have liked a heads-up. Rudeness is not brand-building. Xo

…I certainly don’t want to see how they’ll respond if this actually happens.

@FamousDC: Gov’t shutdown = no Congressional blackberries #NowItGetsSerious

@obrienmedia: #Converge event with @biz on the panel. Great minds tonight

Some of our favorite Tweeters to follow were at the launch of Converge U.S., a new non-profit focused on social innovation, leaving our Twitter feeds full of memorable quotes, questions, and lots of #converge.

@corbett3000: @KatherineKenned just 400 of our closest tech friends [are coming to Converge tonight]. Gonna be…wild.#converge

@cheeky_geeky: Does anyone else think this room smells like #converge? (@ #Converge Launch w/ @corbett3000 @katherinekenned

@applesdonuts: How do we encourage young people to follow scientists and engineers rather than @Sn00ki#converge

@craftivista: After hearing him speak tonight and learning more about his will to help others, @biz is my total new nerd crush. So flippin cute! #converge

Finally, last night, Tweeters took to their mobile phones while out on the town to share with us some of the play-by-plays of the many “places to be seen” on a Thursday night.

White House Tribute to Motown

@JamalSimmons: Stevie Wonder walks in the East Room and it goes silent. That’s juice.

@dcfab: A Jonas Bro. is now performing “Sugar pie, honey bunch, you know that I love you…” #WhiteHouse

@BmoreFab: Rofl at Jaime [Foxx] trying to make the prez dance. #icanttttttttttt

Exclusive Washington Life Nigel Barker Book Party

@MauraJudkis: going to a Nigel Barker book signing with @otruong and @NikkiSchwab. we are gonna smize SO HARD.

@DanniaHakki face of happiness aftr a great event @clubedendc 4 @beautyequation nigel barker book signing in dc!

@TinaOnTarget Leaving EDEN (1716 I St NW) @washingtonlife event for Nigel Barker @BeautyEquation #ANTM #fashion #beauty

@Julia_Rochelle Nigel Barker was in DC on Tuesday? Why didn’t I know this?! I totally would have called in sick to go stalk him.

DC Ad Club: Best of DC Series

@ANguyen07: Currently @Google for @DCAdClub Best of DC Series event. Learning a lot about Google, what they can do for marketers and new Google products

And just to prove what a large role Twitter now plays in our social scene…

@dcconcierge: Heading to a networking event that’s totally out of my comfort zone. There’s not even a hashtag for it! That’s how unlike me this is.

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