Life of the Party: Charity by Design

by Editorial

Becky’s Fund helps raise awareness of domestic violence through high-end design.
By: Anne H. Kim

Guest and Founder Becky Lee of Becky's Fund (Photo By Alexis Federoff)

A hammerhead chair with nailhead detailing by a quirky British designer. A mirrored, four-poster French bed that even Jean Harlow would have swooned over. And an iPad-inspired lighting system in the chicest of Italian abodes. These were just some of the custom-designed pieces at the Washington Design Center that had shoppers with hearts of gold pulling out their wallets to raise cash for D.C.-based Becky’s Fund, a nonprofit that assists victims and their families of domestic violence. “A lamp might help shed some light on the issue of domestic violence,” said Becky Lee, founder. “A chair, might help provide some support for victims.”

Guests and Becky Lee (Photo By Alexis Federoff )

After a rare insider’s tour of the little-known treasure trove of interior design, guests were treated to a catered lunch and inspiring words by supporters NetSecurity’s Inno Eroraha and Lisa Jones of The Art Gallery. But it was board member David Moretti who drove home the day’s message, encouraging attendees to shop till they dropped to help fund preventive and educational programs, including the development of the first-known domestic violence app. “We can’t expect victims of domestic violence to speak out unless the rest of us are willing to stand with them,” he said. “We can’t expect them to walk away unless the rest of us are willing to show them a path.”

Kitchen of your dreams (Photo By Anchyi Wei)

mirrored, four-poster French bed (Photo By Anchyi Wei)

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