Society 2.0: This Week Top “Status” Report

by Editorial

Twitter was full this week with widespread response to the disaster in Japan, leaving little room for tweets about warm weather, St. Patrick’s Day, or Charlie Sheen.
By Gabbi Baker

The fountain on the North Lawn of the White House runs green in honor of St. Patrick's Day in Washington on March 17, 2009. (UPI Photo/Roger L. Wollenberg)

Twitter Responds to Japan’s Disaster: Last Friday, 66% of the news links on Twitter were about the Japanese earthquake and tsunami. Washingtonians joined in relief efforts by tweeting their sentiments…

@GlobalPost: Tweeting disaster in 140 characters or less. Yes, Twitter is big in Japan. Here’s how it’s playing out.

@AlecJRoss: Good to see our senior diplomats like @AmbassadorRice @USAmbNATO and @AmbassadorRoos (#Japan) using Twitter to such positive effect.

@mikegenki3: Watching Japanese handle this horrible experience w/ grace & unity reminds me of the many of things I loved about living there. Please help

@sweetgreen: sweetgreen #capitolhill celebrated St. Patrick's Day with style (pic)

While St. Patrick’s Day came in the middle of the week this year, it meant green and beer for some…

@sweetgreen: sweetgreen #capitolhill celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with style (pic)

@NikkiSchwab: Where can I get green beer today?

but looking for green and staying busy at work for others…

@cityshopgirl: I have nothing green in my closet!

@KatherineKenned: Man, working too hard. Didnt even get a beer on St Patricks Day!

And as America indicates that they’d rather see Charlie Sheen as President than Sarah Palin, we send a ‘congratulations’ to some of our friends who made it to the (prestigious?) second round of the #TigerBloodIntern program.

@kellyanncollins: I made it to #tigerbloodintern ROUND 2 —> #glittarazzi interns, lookout … u might end up being @charliesheen‘s coffee biatches, too! ;-p

@alecjacobs: I made it to round two for the Charlie Sheen internship. Unfollow accordingly

@keeekster Made it to round 2 of #tigerbloodinternship! Can’t decide what that says about me :0

Any chance you’ll snag tickets to see him at DAR Constitution Hall on April 18? #winning

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