Society 2.0: This Week’s Top “Status” Report

by Editorial

Although disappointed by the cancellation of Bravo’s ‘The Real Housewives of D.C.,’ the real concern in the District this week is the looming government shutdown. Here are this week’s top tweets.
By Gabbi Baker

Photo by Tony Powell. Lynda Erkiletian, Stacie Turner, Cat Ommanney, Mary Amons. The Real Housewives of DC Premiere Afterparty. Buddha Bar. August 5, 2010

After a drama-filled first season, fans were surprised (or not so surprised) to see Bravo announce the cancellation of the Real Housewives of D.C….

@pwgavin: Bravo pulls plug on “Real Housewives of D.C.”

@MetromixDC: Oh no! Bravo canceled #RealHousewivesof D.C. #sadface

@littleylittley: Whew, That Was Close: ‘Real Housewives Of D.C.’ has officially been canceled.#rhodc #MiamiIsNext

The Housewives took to Twitter to thank their fans and provide hope for the future…

@stacieturnerdc: The past 18 months has truly been an amazing adventure! Thanks so much for your support. The best is yet to come…….

@maryamons: Bittersweet day, memorable fun ride w/ @catommanney @THErealLyndaDC @stacieturnerdc & the Bravo family! Exciting projects ahead! #staytuned

@catommanney: So the milk was spilt,and we cried over it..(meow meow) and then the next show..mmm well thats going to be ‘creme de la creme’!!..

And, as expected, it was  Cat Ommanney fans who took the news the worst, begging Bravo’s Andy Cohen to take action…

@NotSoSoccerMom: @catommanney u are so NOT a loudmouth Brit! @BravoAndy , forget #Pia, find a way to #savecat

@WesstheDJ: Dear @BravoAndy, PLEASE utilize @catommanney some way, some how! We’ll miss her!

@LynnNChicago: @Bravoandy We want @CatOmmanney on Real Housewives of New York, she’ll teach Jill a thing or two

@Florida_Belle: @catommanney So disappointed about#RHODC cancellation. You should move to NY and join #RHONY. Would love to see you handle Jill & Kelli

But the focus all week has been the possibility of a government shutdown as Democrats and Republicans struggle to reach a budget deal.

@RobLowe: If there is a government shut down who do I put on a plane to DC: Chris Treager or Sam Seaborn?

@DanaPerino: I wonder if a couple of women got in the negotiating room they wouldn’t be able to get this all wrapped up ASAP so we can have weekend.

@GeorgetownPatch: Sadly true. RT @bruisey#ifgovernmentshutsdown a lot of interns are getting wasted in Georgetown this weekend.

@StevenTDennis: Sadly, Senate cafeteria is already #shutdown. Dinner will be potato skins and machine coffee.

@Wonkette D.C. Residents Losing Trash Service UnderShutdown To Put Garbage On Boehner’s Lawn

@MattOrtega: Bring your DC trash to John Boehner’s house if he forces a governmentshutdown. “DON’T TRASH ON ME!” -@bwreed

@SamanthaonStyle: I’ll give $20 to any Member of Congress who will come pick up my trash in the event of #shutdown.

@CNN: 10 things that could ruin your day if the government shuts down.

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