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The O’Savio family has earned sweet success with their gourmet and fresh ingredient approach to the muffin.
By Adoria Doucette

Fresh Muffin anyone? The Muffin Man Caribbean Café

The greatest success stories revolve around hard work, collective effort, innovation and strong character. While the gourmet cupcake has erupted into the national cultural spotlight, Power Source would like to share a growing phenomenon and the family behind the business success story of the cupcakes relative, the muffin.

Enjoying fine baked delicacies has always been one of the most cherished culinary refinements of previous world capitals throughout history. Advanced technology, industrial modernization and changing cultural attitudes have no influence over the private moment of savoring delicious baked goods. Muffins are unique within the lexicon of prestigious bakeries because they are not sweet and are best enjoyed extremely fresh, few have had the experience of the best of the best.

Built from the ground up by a family committed to success, The Muffin Man Caribbean Café is the crowning accomplishment of Rod and Sherrie O’Savio who have been extraordinarily lucky to be consistently aided by the  tireless effort of Mr. O’Savio’s sister Paulette, and their two children, daughter Drew and son Triston. After Mr. O’Savio successfully managed a number of bakeries, the family’s journey of independent proprietorship began at a Baltimore food court. This location became a favorite of Media One Founder Cathy Hughes, and comedian Monique.  The muffins soon became a craze, and the O’Savios were mixing 10 pounds of muffin dough every 10 minutes, requiring 22 hour work days of the entire family.  The secret of the muffins became  widespread after being praised on air by the most popular radio personality at the time, Donnie Simpson.

The O’Savio family is now living with the sweet success of producing the areas finest natural ingredient gourmet muffins. With over 25 varieties of these delectable treats, Muffin Man also specializes in select dishes from his native Jamaica.

Local best kept secrets are always the most delightful to enjoy, mixing the best muffins you will ever taste along with authentic Jamaican food has created phenominal success for the Lanham based O’Savio family.

As their café prepares to expand, Power Source recommends that you treat yourself to a gourmet muffin from Muffin Man’s original store now that the gourmet muffins have become a craze: www.muffinmancaribbeancafe.com Power Source salutes the O’Savio family for their hard work and determination which has led to sweet success!

Rod & Sherrie O'Savio

Drew & Triston O'Savio

The Muffin Man Caribbean Café



The Muffin Man Caribbean Café

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