Out & About: Sporty Summer

by Editorial

Out & About scopes out LGBT sport teams in DC.
By Ruddy Harootian

Photo by Shannon Murphy.

DC claims to be one of the fittest cities in the nation and the number of growing gay sports teams is a testament to that. The current roster of teams includes your usual football and soccer players, but also some unexpected surprises like Bears Do Yoga and the sailing team Rainbow Spinnakers. The opportunity to be active while becoming more social is something that appeals to most people and so most groups are open to all, no matter what sexual orientation you claim.

Kris Kitto from the DC Triathlon Club keeps in touch with over 1200 active members online. “Our website is a good place to go if you want to find someone to run with”, says Kris. “It’s a good network to tap into”.

Different teams boast on various reasons to join and membership fees for each team are usually below $40. The DC Gay Flag Football Team boasts that its members have some of the best buns out of all the other teams. The Lambda Divers promise a unique experience that will facilitate the process of getting certified as a diver. The Puck Buddies meet over at Nellie’s  Sports Bar regularly to watch hockey games and have the fun slogan of being the team “for boys who like boys who like hockey”.

This Summer promises to be as exciting as ever and a great opportunity to network with people who have similar interests.  Who knew there were so many teams to choose from? The reality is that no matter which team you choose, you are sure to find friendly Washingtonians that will make you feel like you’re part of the team.

Below is a list of some of the most active LGBT sports teams:

DC Strokes Rowing Club, DC Aquatics Club (swimming), DC Tri Club LGBT (triathlon), Lambda Divers, DC Gay Flag Football League, Lambda Links (golf), Puck Buddys (ice hockey), DC Rainbow Climbing (rock climbing), Washington Renegades (men’s rugby), DC Furies (women’s rugby), Rainbow Spinnakers (sailing), Federal Triangles Soccer Club, Capital Tennis Association, Bears Do Yoga.

Ruddy Harootian is a writer and photographer currently living in DC. You can follow his creative outbursts and findings on Ruddywashere.com

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