The Dish: Hog Wild

by WL Author

Clarendon’s 3 restaurant starts making house-cured bacon available for takeaway.
By Nevin Martell

Chef Brian Robinson uses local heritage pigs to create 3's house-cured bacon.

Restaurant 3 in Clarendon likes to call itself “The House That Pork Built.” With menu items like bacon-studded waffles with maple bacon ice cream and roasted pork loin wrapped in bacon, you can’t argue the nickname. Now this shrine to swine is letting patrons pig out at home by selling its house-cured bacon.

Chef Brian Robinson starts by sourcing locally raised heritage hogs from small Virginia farms like Polyface Farms and Babes in the Woods. The meat is cured for up to a week with a salt-sugar-secret-spice rub and hickory smoked before it’s cut into thick slabs. The result is sweet, swine-y and briny – a delicious triple threat for patron’s palates. Currently, the eatery only offers this single flavor, but Robinson plans to create several bacon varietals in the coming months. Finally you’ll be able to talk about bacon with the same pretentious tone you use when discussing wine.

Bacon is $12 a pound and is available for purchase during restaurant hours. If you have any questions or would like to make a reservation, you can call 703-524-4440 or book a table online.

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