Trend Report: Global Fashion Roundup

by Editorial

An unwearable Louboutin, models crying on the runway, Marc Jacobs in drag and a diva kitty.
by Nichole Devolites

Photo courtesy of Industrie

Yesterday evening, Christian Louboutin unveiled 8”-high ballet-inspired stilettoes with Swarovski crystalembellished for the English National Ballet fundraiser.  These mind-bending, one-of-a-kind shoes are completely unwearable, even for a Prima Ballerina but they sure do look amazing – even if they sit on a collector’s shelf.

As the men’s shows wrap up this week, the ever-controversial John Galliano was still able to hold a show, and what better way than a… tribute?  It appears that all the models were made to look like him.

Missed last week’s mens’ shows?  See the complete list of last week here:

Speaking of the Mugler Men’s Show, check out the racy magazine that was distributed.

… and what would the shows be without a little controversySee what Giorgio Armani thinks about the menswear collections of two “over-the-top” men’s designers.

A few days later, see Diego Della Valle’s response to these “attacks”.

If that weren’t enough, see the model that cried on the runway at the Smalto show – I’m sure his parents will be telling this story for years.

With Women’s Resortwear 2012 shows over, some trends have emerged to take note of.  However, with boldness like this, being tasteful is key:

Some fun collections are out this year that might put us into character or advise us to have more fun.

Banana Republic announced one such collection, which will debut in Augustsee which television series it is inspired after.

Also out – Vera Wang’s full bridesmaids’ collection for David’s Bridal.  They are beautiful, soft, feminine, yet dramatic.

… and if you like mod chic, you will love Victoria Beckham’s new dress line.

While some designers are saying “hello” to new collections and collaborations, Jil Sander is saying goodbye to Uniqlo.

Fashion is art and those that design it can be considered artistsArtists express themselves in many different ways – especially if it is for their biggest collectorsSee what Marc Jacobs wore for one of his biggest collectors.

Energetic and brightly-hued Betsey Johnson has an assistant that will happily go along with whatever Betsey needs.  See some of the many tasks she is “assigned” – including what she wore to accompany Betsey out to a party.

Divas aren’t just human in form – they also come in cat formSee which kitty got its own hotel room in ironically, the Meat Packing District.

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