Hollywood on the Potomac: Mixed Media

by Editorial

Journo stars of “Page One” discuss the film at Newseum premiere.
By Janet Donovan

"Page One" stars discuss the film at the Newseum premiere.

The new documentary “Page One:Inside the New York Times” premiered in Washington at the Newseum with some of the film’s stars in tow, including quirky former City Paper editor David Carr, now a reporter for the New York Times.

Colleague Brian Stelter joined director/producer Kate Novack and Carr, who spoke on the inner workings of the venerable New York daily.

“I still can’t get over the feeling that Brian Stelter was a robot assembled in the basement of the New York Times to come and destroy me,” Carr said. Stelter, of course, was the new kid on the block who pushed social media on his colleagues. Carr, we might add, is now an avid twitterer.

“The Times has never been as backwards about it as people think,”

Stelter said. “By the time I arrived, there were already dozens of blogs. I just came in at the right time when they were bulking up for the Internet revolution. The interplay between print and the Web has worked out beautifully there.”

“There was a sort of apocalyptic moment when we started filming,” Novack said. “You had lots of people saying there may have to be dead bodies on the side of the road on the way to the digital future and the story is still being written. What we try to show in the film is an institution that is really committed to original reporting.”

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