Luxury Travel: Ultimate First Class Treatment

by Editorial

Lufthansa gives passengers the ultimate first class treatment with the revamp of its first class cabins, giving luxury air travel a whole new meaning.
By Shannon O’Reilly

A sneak peek at Lufthansa's revamped first class cabin for its Boeing 747-400 aircraft.

With eight individual seats, a permanent 8 foot lie-flat bed, a top quality mattress, and a leather seat, the airline Lufthansa is creating the ultimate first class experience for its 10 Boeing 747-400 aircrafts. From April to November, Lufthansa will be upgrading the cabins, adding luxury features such as sound absorbing curtains, sound-deadening installation under the carpet, and an enhanced individual entertainment program, which includes 17-inch monitors.

It will be easy to sleep the oversea flight away, as Lufthansa makes relaxing easy with temperature-regulating blankets, pillows and an amenity kit from Porsche Design featuring cosmetic articles from La mer. Can’t sleep? When awake you can enjoy the luxurious interior that’s furnished in top of the line materials such as matt-brushed metal and scarred leather.

The Business and Economy Class cabins will also be getting a new look, with new lavatories, a revamped entrance area, and individual entertainment systems. The Economy Class seats will also have an addition two inches of legroom, essential when your two hours into the flight and need to kick your boots off.

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