Paint the Town: China’s Global Art Reaches DC

by Editorial

The ancient craft of China’s porcelain painting has modernized and is now on display at Meridian Center
By Kate Faherty

You Cuiqing's "Spirit of the Han and Tang Dynasties", 2011

Jingdezhen is the ceramics capital of the world, and some of the Chinese city’s greatest porcelain pieces will soon be on display at the Meridian International Center. Opening on September 23, CHINA TOWN: Contemporary Ceramic Painting from Jingdezhen will highlight the ancient art form and its evolution. Fifty-six works of art will be displayed, to give a broad overview of the art form. The featured pieces will generally be a variety of large, flat porcelain surfaces that feature such classic visual elements as abstract forms, geometric patterns, landscapes and modern portraits. The classic preservation of traditional artwork has met new life and vibrancy, which is evident in the evolution that this city’s art has seen in recent years.

The Fifty-six pieces were chosen for display by both the Ren Jian Ci Hua Company and Meridian International Center. The pieces were chosen to exemplify the global perspective that this art form embodies, forcing its artists and audience to look beyond the traditional Chinese artistic culture.

The Meridian International Center, located in D.C., will open the exhibit on September 23 and the display will remain open for visitors until January 15. Gallery hours are Wednesday-Sunday, 2 p.m. – 5 p.m. For more information, click here.

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