Night Life: Wettest Fun West of the Potomac

by Editorial

Wannamaker Wet Party mixes music, a rap-star, beer pong and foam for a new twist on the end of summer bash.
By Shira Karsen

"Yards at the Park" where Wannamaker Wet Party is to be held Sunday, September 18th

We’ve grown tired of the predictable end of the summer music-fest – we sit on trampled grass and people-watch, waiting for the next performer to come on while marveling at a lone couple in matching fairy costumes. For the generation who craves techno-beats and the latest apps, this seasonal music routine has become passe. So thank Rach Events, who finally had the brilliant idea of getting rid of this tired scene and creating a music fest that caters to the inner Frat-boy in all of us: the Wannamaker Wet Party.

This daylong, water-soaked bonanza at Yards On the Park includes everything a member of greek life could ask for, including a foam party and even beer pong. For our would-be sorority sisters there is a bikini fashion show sponsored by South Moon Under, and open bottle service perfect for beating that DC end of summer heat. Not convinced? Wannamaker has all the dub-step and house music you could ask for, including one of DJ Tiesto’s top 5 favorite DJ’s, Serge Devant, and Brazilian Supermodel and “progressive house DJ” Tatiana Fontes. So channel your inner greek and grab your Lax pinny, because it’s going to be a wet one.

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