Trend Report: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Recap

by Editorial

Bright colors (and orange) stole the show at Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week New York Spring 2012, plus some other stylish thoughts….
By Melissa Henderson

The center of the fashion universe for at least one week. Photo by Arnab Kar.

September not only marks the beginning of a new school year, but also the forecast for next spring’s fashions. This past week, American designers united in New York to showcase their new lines in an attempt to reinvent the trends through time lapses, technology and what’s current in society.  From an amalgamation of femininity, minimalism, floras and nostalgia from different cultures, the agenda for both women and men was color, color and, yes, more color!

A consistent representation of canary yellow and tangerine orange lit up the runways. Tommy Hilfiger’s Men’s collection solidified that men can get just as daring as women with color- as the traditional army fatigue print was mixed and matched with splashes of purple and bright grass green garments. Oh! And tangerine orange, green and blue leather starter (sporty-like) jackets were also a new addition to the Hilfiger conservative brand. Not to mention, Buckler’s public presentation held on the streets of the Meat Packing District featured several shorts paired with a suit jacket looks.  Which made us question, is this a new interpretation of “business casual”? … Do shorts really have a seat in the workplace? Also, Nauticas beach inspired collection on the top of the Empire Hotel was a no- brainer- must-attend. Global lifestyle brand Nautica notarized that the preppy sailor from Annapolis, MD can wear bright multi-colored Rugbys with Sperry’s and still exude that “dressed up in Georgetown” look.

The Marchesa and Jill Stuart collections seemed to follow the same story line. Re: ultra femininity defined not by the fit, but by the cut. Models strutted the runway with mini dresses draped with long trails. It kind of reminds you of a princess who loves her mini dresses and nightlife. Cropped knitted and alabaster snake leather tops with high waist billowy silk skirts will be the go – to pieces for spring. Rebecca Talyor’s collection definitely had some noteworthy pieces as well. Overall, models cat-walked the runway with a sense of empowerment. Personally, I think the mermaid-esqe trails from the long skirts and dresses seen through numerous collections added to the models’ attitude.  Take a look at a recap of some of our favorite looks!

Luca Luca Spring 2012 Photo Credit: Gerardo Somoza

Jill Stuart Spring 2012

Ralph Lauren Photo Cred: Photography/FirstView and Post/shootdigital

Buckler Spring 2012 Photo Cred: Curran Swint

Buckler Spring 2012 Photo Cred: Curran Swint

Nautica Spring 2012 Photo Credit: Melissa Henderson

Venexiana Spring 2012 Photo Credit: Arnab Kar

Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2012 Photo Credit: Courtesy of Tommy Hilfiger Publicity

Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2012 Photo: Courtesy of Tommy Hilfiger Publicity

Tommy Hilfiger Spring 2012

Marchesa Spring 2012 Photo Credit: Billy Farrell, BFA

Marchesa Spring 2012

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