Night Life: Global Party People

by Editorial

Inspired by the adventure of Phileas Fogg’s extravagant 80 day adventure, The Global Party wrapped it all up into one long 2-day event.
By Shira Karsen

Hayden Panettiere and Taryn Manning spinning at Lima hosts The Global Party. Photo: John Frank Photography.

If ever you wanted to attend one of the world’s largest parties, Friday, September 16th (or Thursday September 15th depending on what hemisphere you’re in) was your night. Thanks to The Global Party, 80 cities from Shanghai to Frankfurt to yours truly were linked for one night with the purpose of raising money for any charity located on the continent you happened to be on. While guests at the Ocean in Copenhagen sipped champagne, party-goers at Bungalow 8 in London sampled vodka martinis and scotch on the rocks. Meanwhile back in the states, Manhattanites hailed cabs heading towards trendy hotspot Greenhouse, and here in the district our D.C. elite slipped on their heels for K street’s Lima Lounge to benefit and Rock the Vote.

Guests spent the night dancing to the beats of selected rotating DJ’s, including 8 mile star Taryn Manning (yeah, we haven’t thought about her since 2002 either) and taking bites of assorted “global” cuisine prepared in-house by chef Raynold Mendizabal. Everything in Lima was illuminated, from the brightly lit floor to the female models (what?) courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue and Roche Salon. Even young starlet and Dooney and Bourke model Hayden Panettiere made an appearance, chatting it up with local gallery and business owners, always remembering to occasionally stop and smile for the camera to show just how clear her Proactive-washed skin can be. At the end of the night guests were given a silver key meant to “unlock” the international Global Party, but we think it’s that little something to help with the age old problem of remembering what part of the world you went to bed in the night before.

Lima was one of 80 global locations to host a charitable Global Party event. Photo: John Frank Photography.

Tyrn Manning and Lima owner Masoud Aboughaddareh. Photo: John Frank Photography.

Models, DJs and elite guests filled Lima for the Global Party. Photo: John Frank Photography.

Hayden Panettiere and 8 Mile star Taryn Manning spinning beats at Lima and keeping the Global Party alive. Photo: John Frank Photography.

D.C.'s Global Party at Lima benefitted Rock The Vote. Photo: John Frank Photography.

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