Paint the Town: Young Artists, Big Goals

by Editorial

For newcomers to the art world, (e)merge is an invaluable opportunity to break into the business.
By Shira Karsen

Emerging Artist Katie Miller's Young Bling Cole with a Merry Canary, oil on panel, 2011

Starting out in the art world is never easy. Monet was mocked for his sweeping, childish strokes, William Turner was considered crazy, and don’t forget what happened to van Gogh (he only ended up with one ear after all…). Luckily for emerging artists, all of this is about to change. Starting September 22 and going until the 25th, a new art fair called (e)merge will give next generation artists and galleries the chance to display their works at no charge in the Capitol Skyline Hotel. These works have been chosen – or “vetted” as they say in the art community – by judges from Baltimore to Boston to Veneto, Italy who are searching for a sense of uniqueness as well as a clear display of intriguing thought and vision in the works.

Although (e)merge will be taking place in the district, that does not mean artists from across the globe are excluded. In fact, that is part of the (e)merge motive. Both in the “gallery” and online there will be an interactive map showing the geographic origin of every artist, gallery owner, and art aficionado. For people who want to learn about art in addition to taking in the view, there will be collector panel discussions, talks with the curator, and performances. Tickets for the preview cost $25, and $15 per day for the next three days –  find out more here. But compare that to the priceless opportunity of personally meeting our generation’s van Gogh (with ear still intact!), and $75 looks like chump-change.

Maria Jose Aronja, Galerie Anita Beckers

Jose Ruiz, G Fine Art

Jeremy Dean, Aureas Gallery

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