WL Beauty: Voila! It’s Votre Vu

by Editorial

Check out these two French-handcrafted beauty products that will leave you looking “c’est magnifique”!
By Brittni Guevara

SnapDragon Creme could make you look years younger and healthier. (photo courtesy of Barbara Karabas, Votre Vu)

Looking for skin products that will make you look like you could grace the cover of Washington Life?  How about Votre Vu‘s latest skin creme and spray that will both leave you looking radiant.

Throw out your lotion and your hairspray: the Amour D’Ore spray has got it all.  This spray combines ingredients like vitamin E, grape seed oil and apricot kernel oil to give you an all-natural, soft feel and look to skin.  For just $52, Amour D’Ore keeps skin moisturized and glossy, without that thick, greasy look.  Give your hair a shimmered look and keep its natural and salon color with a light spray from Amour D’Ore.  From head to toe, a quick step into a silhouette of this spray will keep your whole look shining.

The SnapDragon Creme Pour Le Corps in an antioxidant-rich citrus body drench that keeps skin looking youthful.  This $42 anti-aging creme is made of ingredients like gingko biloba, aloe vera and green tea extract that not only firm the skin but help prevent it from aging further.  The cocktail of fine and natural French-derived ingredients help stimulate seemingly napping cells, awakening them to give you a fresher and younger look.  Like the spray, the SnapDragon creme helps keep the driest skin moisturized and quenched with oils and antioxidants.

An American company, Votre Vu was created to bring the best and finest ingredients, minerals and oils from France to help keep everyone looking model-perfect at a reasonable price.

Even the stars love these products.  Professional makeup artists James Cornwell uses these products on set, for both male and female clients, and loves the outcomes.

“I use the Amour D’Ore cocktail of essential oils on the set to hydrate the skin and create a glow that’s never greasy, just alluring. I now layer the new SnapDragon Drench over the oil spray, creating a retouched look — sans Photoshop – for live-on-the-red-carpet appearances.”

So ladies– and gents– visit the Votre Vu website and find out more tips and and products that’ll keep you looking years younger and fresher!

The Amour D'Ore spray can be used all over the body, leaving every nook and crannie feeling fresh. (photo courtesy of Barbara Karabas, Votre Vu)

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