Night Life: House Music At Its Best

by Editorial

Berlin’s Sammy Dee, a veteran of the electronic music scene, comes to the district to revive the house music movement.
By Christina Hubmann

Sammy Dee, Berlin-based DJ.

When people think of Berlin, they almost immediately have dance music and endless nights in their mind. And so it is. Micro music ruled Germany’s music scene throughout the ’90s and early 2000s. Since then, Berlin has pushed its electronic music to superior specification. It has an undertone so loud you can feel it. Its unique frequency of techno and house music has traveled through stereos, car radios and clubs throughout the world.

To many, minimal techno and microhouse music dominated several years ago. Sammy Dee, a Berlin-based DJ and producer, was a part of this scene for a nearly two decades.  During his reign, he boosted out solo productions and tracks with artists like Pantytec and Half Hawaii while hosting and spinning at a handful of influential parties. Still today, he carries this passion for music in his heart. Early this year, Sammy Dee formed his own label, Ultrastretch, to promote artists he finds to be refreshing.

As a minimal techno artist, Dee refuses to say that this music genre is dead.  And at his Das stimmt! event, he’ll show you that it’s not.  For his third time in the area in less than two years, Sammy Dee has yet to wear out the welcome mat. This Saturday, October 1, you can see, hear and feel the beat of Germany’s greatest city.

Spend the night dancing with Sammy Dee and celebrating contemporary Berlin culture in its truest sense. Sammy Dee, with Solomon Sanchez and Adam Ross, will be at the Goethe-Institut, 812 7th St. NW, starting at 10 PM. The limited $20 tickets cover entry and 5 drink tickets. To purchase tickets, click HERE or call (202) 289-1200.

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