Performing Arts: Helen Hayes Gets A Facelift

by Editorial

The 30-year-old Helen Hayes Awards, a longtime advocate of district theater, is re-branding itself with a whole new outlook–and name.
By Shira Karsen

Frank and Maggie in Washington Stage Guild's "Red Herring". Stanley Photography

For those who have counted on The Helen Hayes Awards to bring you the latest news on performing arts and show happenings around town, have no fear! Although the organization Helen Hayes Awards will no longer exist, in its place will be theatreWashington: an organization dedicated to promoting and supporting Washington theater, artists, and their audiences.

The newly renovated organization seeks to make our district a prominent hotspot for the global arts, as well as encourage the already vibrant local scene. This means compiling an online guide to all D.C. venues, organizations, and genres of theater, as well as a user-friendly “Find a Show” feature that will enable all audiences–even the less tech savvy of us–to search current and future shows in the region. There will also be more interactive features on their anticipated website, like interviews with the actors and citizen reviews. But even with this 21st century update, the actual Helen Hayes Awards–the celebration of excellence on Washington stages–will still live on, both as an homage to the past and a passionate outlook for the future.

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The Weir. Courtesy of the Andrew Keegan Theatre.

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