Charity Spotlight: Jen Aniston Rallies the Survivors

by Editorial

Jennifer Aniston rallies D.C. support for Breast Cancer research and her new Lifetime TV series, FIVE.
By John Arundel

Jeanne Tripplehorn, Dr. Jill Biden, Executive Producer and Director Jennifer Aniston, Patricia Clarkson

Stars come and go in Washington, lending support for this cause or that. But when it’s mega-star Jennifer Aniston in the picture, even the most jaded D.C. journos take notice. Aniston accompanied Dr. Jill Biden, Health and Human Services Secretary Katherine Sebelius, and director Kristin Hahn, at the soon-to-be opened Inova Breast Care Center at Inova Fairfax Hospital in Alexandria to lend support to the patients and survivors of breast cancer. “At Inova we were inspired and hopeful,” Aniston said. “We hope to give voice to millions of families touched by this disease.”  She added, “Let’s hope these battles someday will be a distant memory. Together we will win this battle.”

But lending support and “winning this battle” was not the only motive for touring the district. Kristin Hahn and Jennifer Aniston are producing a lifetime series called FIVE. The mini-series is composed of five short films which chronicle different women’s experiences with breast cancer. Aniston directed one of the shorts. And apparently everyone–especially lifetime–is excited. “Where but Hollywood can you transition into material like this?” Lifetime president Nancy Dubuc said. “This powerful, emotional film brightens the light…It’s good for women across the board.”

FIVE premires Monday, October 10 at 9/8c on Lifetime.

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Patricia Clarkson, Executive Producer and Director Jennifer Aniston, Jeanne Tripplehorn

Jeanne Tripplehorn, Executive Producer and Director Jennifer Aniston, Dr. Jill Biden, Patricia Clarkson, Executive Producer Kristin Hahn

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