FYIDC: Shopping for a New Mall

by Editorial
After years of standing as a symbolic figure for America, the National Mall is about to get a well-deserved makeover.
By Shira Karsen

Lincoln Memorial during construction.

Our National Mall has seen a lot. It’s witnessed protests for rights, marches for freedom, and festivals for books. It’s felt the stomp of over 25 million visiting feet per year, and even a rally from Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck. So after years of civic use, the Trust for the National Mall is prepared to give it another dose of patriotism with an energy-efficient, sustainable, and attractive–in other words, 21st century–facelift.

The trust has created a 3-part competition where a handpicked jury will choose: 1. Up to eight tentative designers who’s past has proven some potential to make the mall the best park in the world (no pressure), 2. Up to five (again, no promises!) design teams to recreate each site the trust chooses to renovate, and 3. A good old competition to see whose design is best. The competition was announced on September 8th, and the members of the jury were announced on October 19th. The results of stage one will be announced on the 27th so get those picnics and family photos in now. It’s like we can already hear the draft paper unrolling and pencils sharpening.

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