Fashionable Life: Streets of Georgetown

by Editorial

The newly-opened concept shop, “Streets of Georgetown”, provides men another great fashion option in the District.
By Shira Karsen

Inside the shop "Streets of Georgetown" on Wisconsin Ave. NW

Clad with black vintage chandeliers and mounted snapshots of everything considered manly to a Virginia polo-player, Streets of Georgetown is as tailored and dressed as their potential customers. The shop, which was designed by Jeffery Hutchison, seems more like a grown man’s den than a retail space. The wooden floors are dark and lightly distressed, covered occasionally by faded Navajo-style rugs. There are “time-tested” travel trunks and vintage-y globe light fixtures hanging from the ceiling. And of course, no man-den is complete without lots of classic deer heads hanging on the white-brick wall.

But what makes this man-cave different from the other rugged retail shops is the “street” idea; where multiple brands from the same parent company are sold together in one shop. The parent company is HMX retail, and it is obvious the menswear is beckoning a time when real men wore tailored dress shirts to work and handcrafted overcoats to nighttime drinks. On the shelves and racks are silk ties in every color, khaki pants, top hats, and plaid, striped, and patterned shirts that say, ” why yes, I am a rugged intellectual”. A rugged intellectual who likes to shop, that is.

Streets of Georgetown, 1254 Wisconsin Avenue, Washington D.C.

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