The Dish: Chefs Combine Forces

by Editorial

Blue Duck Tavern’s Brian McBride and Robert Wiedmaier cook up a partnership.

Robert Wiedmaier, Brian McBride and Will Morris cooking up plans. (Photo courtesty of Simoneink)

After a constant stream of Top Chef seasons and competitive-cooking knock off’s, it’s difficult to believe that two chefs can share the kitchen in harmony. But chef Brian McBride of Blue Duck Tavern and chef Robert Wiedmaier, of  Brasserie BeckMussel Bar, and Marcels, are taking a stab at it– it shouldn’t be too hard, the two have been friends for almost two decades.

McBride is going to enter the heat of Wiedmaier’s kitchens, particularly Brasserie Beck and Mussel Bar, to help keep them rooted in Belgian tradition. For Brasserie Beck, McBride will be whipping up some seriously slow-cooked Flemish fare including “brussels sprouts with bacon” and “oven roasted bone marrow with spiced pumpkin butter” (mmm…gotta love that bone marrow…). Look for his Braised Short Ribs and Cassoulet on the menu, and other time-consuming, time-honored classics that meld flavors and combine each pure individual ingredient into something that is so much greater than the sum of its parts.
He’ll also add a splash of rough-and-tumble New York ‘tude to the dishes at neighborhood favorite Mussel Bar.

In addition, the two are going into business together– within twelve months, they plan to open another restaurant showcasing their shared focus on authentic food sources, with McBride at the helm.  All in good time, nice and slow – just the way they like to prepare their food: slowly, deliberately, and from the heart.

Brasserie Beck, 1101 K Street, NW, Washington, DC 20005 –

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