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We always knew fashion was crazy, but royal wedding action figures? Let us explain.
By Nichole Devolites

Designer Jason Wu and Vanity Fair Special Correspondent Amy Fine Collins. (Photo by Melissa Henderson)

When one thinks of organic cloth for clothing, one thinks of environmentally-conscious cotton, bio-degradable fibers, or even recycled goods.  No one ever thinks of milk.  However, this designer did. Will our clothing now have an expiration date?

… and speaking of recycled goods… there’s military-inspired fashion, real military garb and now, military-inspired fashion from real military garb.  See Greg Lauren’s military collection here.

Military not your style?  Try chocolate.  Last weekend, The Chocolate Show in New York had a one-of-a-kind fashion show that happened to be completely edible.

As if we didn’t already have enough online flash sales sites, a new one is emerging. What is it and will it make a splash in the States?

“Collaboration” seems to be the word of 2011, whether it be diffusion lines or rappers working with luxury designers.  See which designer Drake is eager to work with. At least he didn’t set out to create his own label.

But what is getting people in a frenzy is the hot news tip that Tom Ford and H&M might partner up.  To frugal fashionistas, this might be the “Holy Grail” of collaborations.

Still, we’re just days away from H&M opening their doors to overeager shoppers, for the sale of the Versace collection.  To get inspired (and excited) watch this “cagey” video. You would rather have Versace Couture? Another big announcement from the Italian fashion house: they will be doing their first couture show in seven years.

And speaking of Europe, watch out for the production of more Royal Wedding collectibles.  This time, it’s Barbie (Kate and Pippa Middleton) meets WWE Smackdown female wrestlers.

… For a more expensive royal wedding souvenir,  William and Kate‘s $18 million overhaul on their apartment also includes new uniforms for the staff.  See which London designer will be at the helm.

… and it looks like the royal staff aren’t the only ones getting a wardrobe makeover. Across the pond (no pun intended), one top designer has given a certain famous frog a makeover.

Want to give your own palace a royal touch?  Jason Wu will be designing a line of bathroom accoutrements, including faucets.  Check out his chic collaboration.

Sometimes, a luxury store’s children’s section is just not big enough – Gucci understands this.  As such, they have now opened their first kids’ store in New York.

What they will not be selling?  Children’s sequined hot pants.  Yes, you read that right.  But where one lacks, another gains.  One store will be stocking them this winter.  This now begs the question: How does one define “age appropriate?”

Which store is not in a party mood? Celine See which famous graffiti artist has tagged their Paris store and why.

Oddity of the week: Karl Lagerfeld’s cell phone collection, along with an assortment of other communication devices, in what looks like an iPad case.

… and speaking of Mr. Lagerfeld, Womenswear Daily asked Lagerfeld, along with several other designers, how they would fix the economy.  Some of these answers might not get them voted into office…

Whether we like it or not, the holidays are a little over a month away and Lady Gaga‘s Workshop at Barneys New York is just days away from opening.  Here’s a sneak peek at what’s in store for all the “Little Monsters.

Not to be undone, Lord and Taylor has a spectacular holiday display of their own.

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