The Dish: Darling Clementine

by WL Author

Jaleo celebrates the Christmas Orange with citrus specials.
By Nevin Martell

(Photo courtesy of The Library of Congress)

From eggnog to candy canes, there are plenty quintessential flavors associated with the holiday season – think like peppermint, ginger and cinnamon. José Andrés wants to add a new one: the Clementine orange. In the chef’s home country of Spain, the fruit is often referred to as the Christmas Orange, because its harvest season falls smack dab in the middle of the Yuletide period.

To get Americans into the Spanish holiday spirit, Andrés has conceived a special menu at all three Jaleo locations that stars the diminutive citrus. Choose from scintillating small plates like pork belly with cider, butternut squash and Clementines or seared fresh calamari with artichokes, Clementines and Serrano ham. For a sweet finale, there’s Clementine granite (shaved ice) topped with Clementine-infused yogurt espuma, mint and olive oil.

There’s even a cocktail to help you forget about all the shopping you still have to do and the in laws you have to host. The Seville blends together Clementine juice with brandy, vanilla syrup, Campari, a splash of lemon juice and a few shakes of lemon and blood orange bitters.

What’s next? Clementine orange flavored candy canes? If anyone can do it, Andrés can.

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