Twenty Something: Top Singles of the Year

by Editorial

From a charity vixen to a pedi-cab scientist – meet this year’s most eligible twenty-somethings.
By Ursula Lauriston

Washington is brimming with beautiful, talented, uber successful Twenty Somethings. And many of them are single. When we select our singles of the month, it’s not about success or beauty or politics (although those things are important). We sought heart, character and that genuine preparedness to love and be loved. With that in hand, we found singles who run the gamut – from philanthropy to startup businesses – these Twenty Something singles show the true creativity the young people of this city have to offer.

Glenda Fu

Glenda Fu

The Stats: 26 year-old kick-ass philanthropist from North Potomac, Maryland. Serves as Executive Director of Dreams for Kids DC.
In Her Own Words: “I’ve only had one boyfriend my whole life and I broke up with him in 2007 and haven’t dated anyone since. I was just really busy running a non-profit I started called Elpis Events. We help local non-profits gain the funding they need. In the last year alone we raised more than $10,000.”

“I’m a really compassionate person and I want someone who’s compassionate as well. How can someone grab my attention? Confidence. Walk right up to me and ask me out. I’ll try anything once.” Glenda has been voted D.C.’s “Woman of the Year” for her work in philanthropy.

Brenden Hill

Brenden Hill

The Stats: The 27 year-old entrepreneur and marketing executive hails from Newport News, Virginia. He loves football and you guessed it – he’s SINGLE. (You’re welcome)
In His Own Words: “I like to say I’ve been single my whole life. I’ve never really done the relationship thing. My longest relationship was six months. I’m open to different things but it’s really never happened for me.”

“I think D.C. dating is segregated – at least it has been for me. I want to date more Asian, Hispanic and White women but it seems these groups tend to be less open.”

“Above all I’m looking for someone who is stable, knows who they are and where they’re going. I’m looking for someone to potentially spend the rest of my life with.”

Alexis Levin

Alexis Levine

The Stats: Armed with an unmatched sense of humor, this 27 year old advertising maven hangs out at all of the city’s hottest spots. After studying at the University of Maryland, College Park, Levine went on to run her own company – Savvy Media. In addition to her creative passion and dedication to her clients, Alexis finds time to give back to the community serving as a board member with Dreams For Kids. The organization is currently working on a holiday event, which will bring Christmas to over 700 homeless and underprivileged kids in Washington DC.
In Her Own Words: “Most of my romantic relationships came from friendships that just escalated to the next level. Let’s be real, dating is brutal. I’m passionate about my career. That said, I do dream of being swept off my feet. What girl doesn’t?”

Loren Schmidt

Loren Schmidt

The Stats: 25 year old Schmidt grew up in Fairbanks, Alaska and now resides in Mt. Pleasant. The 6’1″ self proclaimed artist spends most of his time, pedi-cabbing folks around our glorious city and launching his newest entrepreneurial venture – Apollo’s Chariots. He considers “charioteering to be at the crossroads of professional athlete and entertainer/host,” and he absolutely loves it. When not spinning and grinning on the chariot, Loren does research on the evolution of influenza virus at the National Institutes of Health, marketing management for a local company, and makes music.
In His Own Words: “I’m ridiculously good at picking up women. Also men, small families, and groups of friends less than six.”

Ursula Lauriston is the author of Twenty Something. Follow her on Twitter.

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