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Lady Gaga in D.C., Rick Perry creates YouTube’s most disliked video ever and another tragedy at Virginia Tech …
By Christina Hubmann

Lady Gaga visited the White House this week. Picture by Gwyneth Anne Bronwynne Jones.

Another a shooting at Virginia Tech… The man who shot a police officer on campus then took his own life with the same gun was not a student at the university. The shootings and the chaos that followed, brought back horrifying memories of the 2007 massacre that claimed 33 lives.

@FemalesHateJerm: Virginia Tech had another shooting >_<

@tothekidswho: here’s to the kids who go to Virginia Tech. be safe.

@neurogoddess: My thoughts & prayers are with the Virginia Tech community & families of the victims. No place should ever experience such tragedy twice.

@Moufy617: Prayers go out to the people at Virginia Tech.

@TribbleReese: Cant believe there was another school shooting at Virginia Tech. Prayers for the victims’ families and the everyone affected

@VCUnews: President Rao on Virginia Tech: “We stand ready to assist our sister university in any way that is helpful.”

@ShelvinMack: Not again at Virginia Tech…..

@BestBuddiesVA: Our thoughts and prayers are with our friends at Virginia Tech. Take care, everyone.

@nbcwashington: #VT officials were in DC today appealing a $55k fine levied after 2007 shootings:

@LMFAO_JK: So… there’s been ANOTHER shooting at Virginia Tech??? They should add their campus to the multi-player maps on Call of Duty MW3.

@iansomerhalder: AHHH!Just saw HuffPost-Virginia Tech!WTF?!What is wrong with people?So sorry to the families,of those men.Its tragic and we are with you

@JummyABC7: We are Virginia Tech… <3

@imandyhaynes: Ironically, Virginia Tech was my safety school.

@Mr_iKeepitreal: Another Virginia Tech shooting though? Smh, bet there will be less applicants for the fall now.

@anthonyjeselnik: Wow. Virginia Tech really knows how to stop a protest.

@JGayle99: and people need to stop calling out Virginia tech like walking to a night class at norfolk state is any better, people are crazy everywhere

@Poetry_Scribe: The police officer killed at Virginia Tech has a wife and five children. Praying for them to be surrounded by love today. #nowords

@BreakingNews: Police confirm Virginia Tech gunman died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound

@_collegeproblem: Be thankful for all you have. Pray for those at Virginia Tech. Shootings should never be a college problem #virginiatech #prayforpeace

@docjuli: Virginia Tech gunman changed clothes after killing police officer: Terror returned today to Virginia Tech, the s…

@Devinj07: Another shooting at Virginia Tech.<<<

@Realalist: I really can’t believe that something happened at Virginia Tech. again. At this point people are going to start questioning campus safety.

@fedcomputerweek: How Virginia Tech’s student alert system has changed since 2007 shootings

@allihart: wow, virginia tech just can’t catch a break :/

President Obama was in Kansas while Lady Gaga met White House Senior Advisor Valerie Jarrett to discuss bullying issues, which have become a growing problem in schools. The cause is a personal one to Gaga, who has said that she was picked on as a child for being different.

@MoreFOX5: Lady Gaga is going to Washington. The singer is taking part in an anti-bullying discussion at the White House:…

@IsaacDovere: More Trump influence, since he claims credit for her RT @byrontau BREAKING: Lady Gaga to the White House to talk about bullying.

@PhilHeron: Lady Gaga to discuss anti-bullying at White House –… via @delcotimes

@LadyGaGaSource1:  Lady Gaga is coming to the White House! Gaga is meeting with Obama administration staffers to discuss her work on bullying prevention!

@hausofjay: Lady Gaga is visiting the White House today, to meet with Obama administration staffers to further discuss her work on bullying prevention.

@brikeilarcnn: Lady Gaga is at the White House meeting with officials to talk about her anti-bullying efforts. What is she wearing? Don’t know yet.

@hausofjay: Lady Gaga arriving at the White House

@fedscoop: Mother Monster @ladygaga visits the @whitehouse discuss ways to protect lil’ monsters everywhere:

@glittarazzi: The Queen herself, @LadyGaga was at the @WhiteHouse yesterday! We can’t imagine that much power in one place.…

@blamecookie24: gotta say that i stand behind Lady Gaga going to the White House and taking a stand on bullying. it needs to stop. now.

@Hannahfam: Lady Gaga Visits White House To Discuss Bullying: Gaga meets with administration officials regarding their anti-…

Rick Perry released the ad “Strong,” this week. In it, he laments the fact that gays could serve openly in the military, while children could not openly celebrate Christmas. The video quickly racked up the most dislikes ever to a YouTube video. It spun off several parodies, one of which claimed atheism and dinosaurs are what will make America strong again

@RexHuppke: In his latest ad, Rick Perry is wearing the same jacket Heath Ledger wore in “Brokeback Mountain” because God has a great sense of humor.

@HuffingtonPost: Now Rick Perry is going to skip the Donald Trump debate

@TheBloggess: On behalf of Texas, I’d just like to apologize for Rick Perry.

@GRohac: People saying “Get Rick Perry’s Ad taken down!” -STOP. It IS deeply offensive and hate filled. So he should have to live with it. Forever.

@HuffPostPol: Rick Perry mistakenly says U.S. is at war with Iran.

@rationalists: Wearing Heath Ledger’s Brokeback Mountain jacket, Rick Perry is so deep in the closet he can see Marcus Bachmann & the good people of Narnia

@Caissie: I ‘disliked’ Rick Perry’s stupid new ad on YouTube & I reported it for being inappropriate. Maybe you will too!…

@CharlotteElia: Sometimes I think that Rick Perry is just a guy doing an impression of Will Ferrell doing an impression of George W. Bush.

@MissKellyO: Rick Perry I don’t approve of your ignorant bigoted message! In fact Im becoming an american citizen so i can vote against people like you!

@HuffingtonPost: Rick Perry has another ‘oops’ moment

@rstevens: “I’m Mitt Romney and I hope Rick Perry keeps endorsing that message.”

@TheFix: Lot of chatter that Rick Perry’s numbers are (finally) starting to move up in Iowa….

@TheNardvark: Rick Perry was so angry when “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” was repealed his rentboy had to sit on frozen peas the whole next day.

@ShawnGarrett: Obama’s campaign should just run that Rick Perry video and tack on, “Republicans, amirite?” at the end.

@TheFix: Rick Perry, the Iowa x-factor.

@Margoandhow: Rick Perry: “I’m NOT ashamed to admit that I’m a Christian!” What a ridiculous remark. It is Jews who sometimes try to keep it quiet…

@EthylRosenberg: Rick Perry is moving into the WTF? zone: “The independent school boards should make those decisions, not the government.”

@ZackFord: Rick Perry: School board should make decisions on school prayer, not government. What does he think a school board is?

@DeAnn_1: Are all you Rick Perry fans Rip Van Winkles? You’ve got to be out of your minds if you think Perry can out think Mr. Teleprompter!!!(Barry)

@ericfought: A translation of Rick Perry’s latest ad:

@FckIzzy: Rick Perry’s basically trying to get us back to the old days, where we’d sacrafice “witches.”

@BryceBuchmann: I’m so tired of Republican presidential candidates who are ashamed to admit they’re Christians. Thank goodness we have Rick Perry. #strong

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