FYIDC: En Garde, Washington!

by Editorial

The Washington Club to offer exclusive fencing instruction in January.
By Kinne Chapin

Learn to fence like an Olympian. (Photo by Master Sgt. Lono Kollars, U.S. Air Force)

Don’t know an epee from a from a foil? Think you have what it takes to fend off an opponent during a bout? Luckily for you, The Washington Club will offer exclusive fencing instruction in January. The course, which was designed by the National Fencing Foundation of Washington D.C., is designed to give students an introduction into the fast-paced, mentally-demanding sport by instructing in footwork, handiwork, and strategy. The lessons also hope to give students a grasp on the rules and terminology of fencing so that by the course’s end, the novice fencers can both compete in and referee matches. If you’re wary of losing a few fingers when your competitor thrusts his foil, don’t worry! The Washington Club insists that protective clothing like rubber-tipped swords, as well as protective masks and jackets, make fencing one of the safest sports.

Classes start January 19th, and during early enrollment will cost $289 plus a $49 equipment rental fee. For more information and to enroll, email

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