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Designers Glam up the Obama Campaign, Pet Pigs are the New Cats, Snake Venom is the New Botox and No More Fascination with Fascinators.
By Nichole Devolites

Hello... Piggy?

Target has proven that selling luxury brands at a discounted price is a profitable business.  From Missoni to Jason Wu, see what new and exciting collaborations are to come.  It looks like this business model is here to stay.

Speaking of Jason Wu, check out his new candle.  Two words: Simply chic.

This might be the next best thing to perfume, since it looks like the State of New Hampshire might be banning the wear of perfume for all of its state workers.

Capsule collections and collaborations are not just for sale; it looks as though they can be rented too.  See which designer has designed a capsule collection for Rent the Runway.

In DC a few Sundays ago, it was no-pants day on the metro.  In France, at Musée d’Orsay, it was an impromptu lingerie show.  See which French lingerie brand is now in trouble for their publicity stunt.

It seems fashion has gone political with the “Runway to Win” campaign.  See which designers are participating, including designing a line of apparel to show your support.  And yep, you guessed it, all proceeds go to President Obama’s re-election campaign.  Interested in purchasing?  Click here.

… and while campaigning this fall, look your very best… while staying warm!  See what trend is hot (again) for pre-fall 2012, or what muted colors seem to be popping up.

Tired of all of the dark nail polish colors for fall?  Want something more cheerful that reminds you of spring? Check out these nail colors by Zoya.

We’ve heard of the term “pop-up store” but a “pop-up library”?  See which famous British department store has curated quite a collection.  Will this be a new (vintage) trend to replace bookstores?

Have about $1900 to spend and not an inkling of an idea, as to how to spend it?  Jean Paul Gaultier has solved that for you. Not into useless consumer products?  How about adopting a pet pig?  Apparently, they are the new cats… Unless you are Karl Lagerfeld.  See his new pint-sized pet with a lion-sized new life.

It looks as though some men are voicing how boring their footwear truly is and some designers are listening.  See how some designers are redefining men’s shoes.

While you’re at it, check out some of the pre-fall men’s collections to (possibly) go with these crazy kicks:

What might be overkill: The Animal Trend for men. Also overkill: Fox fur “adornments” for women on their nether regions.

One fall show women can be thankful for: Umit Benan.  Amongst the many activities going on, on the runway, one in particular certainly caught my attention.

In a new twist on fashion week, expectant mothers are getting a show.  See which designers and labels will be “showing”.

One parade of fashions I could have done without was the Golden Globes Red Carpet special.  It seems as though stylists banded together to “get back” at the women they style.  Between mermaids, bustles and grandma’s tablecloth, it was an interesting parade of gaudiness.  See all Golden Globe looks here.

As for the after parties, see which actress traded in her heels for her Vibrams.

Didn’t see your favorite actor there?  That’s because he was probably modeling in Miuccia Prada’s fashion show.  Which begs the question, which red carpet show was worse?

According to Prada – it’s neither.  Instead, she seems to be unhappy with her Costume Institute Exhibit.  Apparently, her and Elsa Schiaparelli are being compared, not contrasted.  I can understand the Institute’s stance on this.  Does anyone remember her Fall 2011 collection?  Does anyone actually want to see it again?

Gwenyth Paltrow has announced on her blog that she uses snake venom on her skin, as an anti-aging treatment.  A million comments come to mind but instead, I think we should keep vigil to see the long-lasting effects of using what has been hailed as “temporary Botox”, daily.

Something a lot healthier for you?  Dior’s DiorShow Mascara. It’s getting an upgrade for its 10th anniversary – and will be worth every penny.  Trust me, it’s worth it… and will certainly come in handy if you are attending Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week.  It’s been announced that it officially starts on September 6th.

And now for a reason to watch the Superbowl: David Beckham.

Who will probably be too busy to watch the sporting event because she will be busy changing outfits between plays: Anna Dello RussoAccording to the New York Times, she changes outfits up to five times a day.  In all seriousness, she has a closet to covet – take a look here.

Interested in attending the horse racing festivals in the UK?  Better dress the part.  The Royal Ascot has announced it is tightening up its attire guidelines, since some “younger” attendees are translating the current guidelines into club attire.  It’s even stricter in the Level 4 area where not even fascinators are allowed anymore – especially in the Royal Enclosure.  Now what will Princess Beatrice wear?

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