Twenty Something: Bread is the Devil

by Editorial

Want to get fit by spring? Follow Nutrionist Heather Bauer’s diet for cool kids, rebels and hill staffers.
By Ursula Lauriston

To eat, or not to eat (the bread), that is the question.

We’ve all been there. Your clothes don’t fit anymore and at times you swear you can feel your ass walking behind you.

Celebrity nutritionist Heather Buaer has worked with top celebrities like Tyra Banks and understands the plight of the average young professional. Here are her tips to getting in shape before summer:

Be strategic when out to eat

Nutrionist Heather Bauer

You’re at the bar for the third time this week. Go for a burger and skip the fries. That burger will only set you back 300 calories on average.  Get the vodka soda instead on the vodka tonic. Going to brunch with the ladies? Get the egg white omelet and load it with veggies. Or get the eggs Benedict but get the sauce on the side.

Commit to dinner

You get home after a long day of slaying dragons and have no desire to stand in a kitchen. So you make yourself some cereal. You’re still hungry so you make another bowl. Then you grab a piece of cheese. Then you make a sandwich. When you look up you’ve already had about 1000 calories. Commit to making a meal (frozen or from scratch, there’s no shame in either) and save yourself as much as 500 calories by eating a healthy, satisfying dinner.

Have staples at home

High fiber cereals and organic frozen foods are a must. Make sure to always keep frozen veggies and lean meals in the freezer. Amy’s is a great brand for healthy organic frozen food.

Watch your portions

Just because a veggie burger is healthy, doesn’t mean you won’t gain weight if you eat five of them. Pay attention to how much you’re eating and stay within one serving of any particular meal.

Hold the carbs

Going out to eat? Hold the carbs and ask for double vegetables. That chicken you ordered coming with fries and mac & cheese? Swap those carbs out for veggies or a salad instead. Craving some carbs anyway? If you skipped the breadbasket, get a baked potato and a veggie as your sides.

Check out Heather’s new book, Bread is the Devil.

You’re welcome Twenty Somethings!

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