Trend Report: Global Fashion Roundup

by Editorial

Celebrating local designers, Chanel and the worst of men’s fashion.
By Nichole Devolites

Hi Karl. Let's talk men's fashion...

Anyone who has ever said D.C. has no style has not met Felix AlonsoRead more about the local designer who has dressed D.C. notables, especially ambassadors’ wives, for the last 40 years.

Another local talent-gone-global: Cristian Siriano.  Rumor has it he is now adding bridal wear to his portfolio.  Something he will most likely not be designing – this bridal “attire”.  At least now everyone can see those shoes you spent so much time picking out.

Speaking of shoes, Parsons School of Design Alumni have been tapped to create a collection, inspired on Christian Louboutin’s shoes for his 20th anniversary celebration.  I wonder if they will be able to use the color red…

Ever curious what a Chanel vending machine might look like?  Well, Rachel Zoe delivered!  I can only imagine what are in those little black boxes – and can you play more than once?

But, forget the vending machine… imagine being a super VIP and getting a chance to be flown to Vegas in their private jet, to be one of the first 200 to see Chanel’s new exhibit at the Wynn, called “Numéros Privés”, which includes a replica of Coco Chanel’s apartment.  See what guests were treated to here.

Not exclusive enough?  Try being one of very few invited to Chanel’s couture show.  After it concluded, we were then able to understand why.  See where the show was held!

If you were at Sundance this past week, you may have seen the “Cliquot in the Snow” initiative by Veuve Cliquot.  It’s a full week of champagne tastings, charitable events, and designer collaborations.  See who they teamed up with to provide Sundance-goers with a “beauty survival kit”.

Forget Anna Della Russo, Mariah Carey or any other lady with impressive closets.  Check out Mary Alice Stephenson’s palatial closets, prompting most of us to want bigger houses.

The new (ahem) “adornments” that can be worn in areas most people don’t see are still a hot topic.  Get the down low on this for (in my case) further amusement.

Adornments that can be worn in public: the late Tony Duquette’s new line at Coach.  His estate has designed a brilliant and artistic collection, based on those designs he created for duchesses in the 1940s and 1950s.

… and while some trends are standing out, others are trying to blend in… with brick walls.  See which two designers are showing this new trend for men.

Still, there were some men’s runway shows where the art was all in the runway.  See which designer had painters PAINT the runway while the show was GOING ON.

Also for men pre-fall, check out these collections:

… and now that mens’ week is over, allow me to present to you how to walk like a male model.  Let me also present to you a slideshow of the worst men’s fashions to ever grace the runway.

Need a recap on men’s trends for pre-fall?

We’re into one of my favorite fashion weeks in history of fashion week: Couture Week.  Check out the latest from some of the greatest designers:

… and the pièce de résistance for the couture shows: a 110 pound dress.  It almost trumps the 1000 hours dress Valentino displayed.

In Leeds, England, a Catholic school has gotten into some serious trouble with parents, over allowing makeup classes for 14 and 15 year old girls.  I wish I had known about that in high school – then my ugly duckling phase might have been minimized.

Also minimized… un-uniformed Sephora employees.  Prabal Gurung’s uniforms have been revealed...

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