The Dish: Sundae Special

starts scooping four new sundaes inspired by dessert classics.

These new frozen treats takes their cues from European, English and Asian flavors. (Photo courtesy of Michael Randall)

Is ice scream ever really out of season? We pine for it 24-7-365, sometimes even late at night after we’ve been told to stop snacking and go to bed. For sweet tooths looking for a frozen fix, Häagen-Dazs is debuting four new sundaes inspired by international dessert classics.

Inspired by the Italian affogato, the vanilla bean espresso sundae weaves a ribbon of espresso through vanilla ice cream, then tops it with intense espresso syrup and a pouf of whipped cream. The spiced caramel biscuit sundae stars caramel ice cream dotted with bits of buttery biscuits, which gets crowned with banana slices, a dousing of warm caramel and whipped cream. For a more tropical twist, the coconut macaroon sundae takes coconut ice cream punched up with chewy macaron pieces, then adds a shower of strawberries and whipped cream. Last, but definitely not least, is the sweet-yet-subtly-savory salted caramel sundae. The sweet cream base is shot through with chocolate truffles and belts of salted caramel, then topped with a chocolate-dipped pretzel.

You can’t hear us, but we’re all screaming for ice cream right now.

Häagen-Dazs, 3120 M. Street NW; 202-333-3443,


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