Trend Report: Global Fashion Roundup

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Mercedes-Benz New York Fashion Week starts tomorrow, Betsey’s glittery cupcakes and David Beckham is embarrassed by his underwear ads.
By Nichole Devolites

Photo Courtesy of Elie Tahari

Think you have problems fitting into clothes?  Ioana Spangenberg needs every piece of fitted clothing to be altered.  See why.

Speaking of waistlines… see Betsey Johnson’s Fashion Week cupcake.  They will be sold in minis – $25 for 25 and $50 for 50 online.  Don’t miss out!

Need something to wash it down with?  Try Diet Coke’s new limited-edition 4-pack, designed by Diane von Furstenberg.,

Fashion Week has officially started, thanks to this designer ringing the NASDAQ bell.

Those of us who don’t have access to the designers for interviews this week will have to settle on learning what inspired their F/W 2012 collections here.

Have an American Express card?  You might be able to snag a seat at Tommy Hilfiger’s show, but hurry because they are limited!

Already headed to Fashion Week?  Take a look at the top 10 trends that will hit the Street Style blogs.  Also be sure to check out how the celebs are preparing.  Take note and be prepared – you never know when a photog is nearby!

Also don’t miss the free cab ride, so long as you buy luxury beauty products during the ride.

What you will be missing?  Alexander Wang has decided not to throw an after-party this year.

What if you aren’t going to Fashion Week at all but don’t want to miss a single minute of the shows?  Made Fashion Week has an app for that – an uber-techie app that does amazing things.

Are you a designer, just trying to make it into fashion week and have your label take off?  Mayor Bloomberg has teamed up with FIT for a FREE Mini-MBA course for 35 lucky designers.  For more information, visit here.

Clear across the country, in Silicon Valley, every week is fashion week – the geeky, self-expression kind, through which feet are the focus.

Missed Blake Lively’s interview in Elle?  If so, don’t miss the nonchalant parts about her  future sons’ sexual orientation and texting Christian Louboutin.

… and one day, Blake and Gwenyth Paltrow might be able to talk children together, after reading this quote in Harper’s Bazaar. It makes me wonder what their kids will say in their first interviews?

… and if lipstick has anything to do with it, make sure it isn’t discontinued.  Bobbi Brown has asked her fans to go online and vote for a discontinued product to make a comeback.

What will be sold out soon online and not making a comeback (well at least for this season)?  Jason Wu’s collection for Target. And, if you went into Target, looking to snag his in-store-only pieces and couldn’t find any, it might be because of this couple.  The good news: you could snag a piece on eBay for double the price.

In an effort to save time in the morning, Browhaus as come up with a solution, completely removing the need for an eyelash curler.

Politics and fashion and now football and fashion. Everyone can have an opinion on which team should have won vs. lost but one Supermodel in particular had the opinion heard ‘round the world’.

Prior to the big game, chatter around the world wasn’t focused on which-supermodels-were-married-to-which-football players and their seemingly “colorful” opinions.  It was who Rooney Mara is related to.  See which designers were jumping at the chance to design her Superbowl outfit.

Another outfit of sorts that is getting attention (and sales)?  Victoria Beckham’s choice in underwear for David.  But don’t worry, he’s still flaunting his famous abs for H&M, although he doesn’t like it.

It has been announced that another designer will help decorate dwellings in another “world’s tallest” skyscraper.  See which famous international city has hired which top designer for the job.

Joan Rivers recently announced how many plastic surgery procedures she’s had in her life.  Heidi Montag may or may not be able to have a facial reaction to this.

Karl Lagerfeld has to be close to having a Twitter handle called S***KarlSays, based on his weekly random musings.  See this week’s montage. Also don’t miss his thoughts on his sex life.

In a feel good story, a group of teenage girls are helping senior blind women feel beautiful again.

Need an inexpensive Valentine’s gift this year?  Check out this book.

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