Night Life: I Spy A Party

by Editorial

Brightest Young Things’ “Local Tourist” series kicks off with a Russia-themed night at The Spy Museum.
By Anna Storm

A few Bright Young Things at a BYT event. (Photo by Dakota Fine)

You can shake them or stir them – and no, we don’t mean martinis, we mean gadgets. You can also press buttons, take pictures, and play to your heart’s content at The Spy Museum on March 2nd, all without fear of hogging the fun from children. Kicking off its new “Local Tourist” series, Brightest Young Things, Washington’s daily online entertainment magazine, will be offering a one-night only, all-access pass to museum exclusively for D.C. residents.

This means no crying kids, no harried moms, and no fanny packs… just lots of fuzzy hats, Boris and Natasha references, and Ivan Drago impersonations as part of the night’s special “Russian Spy” theme. The event’s red roundup will include plenty of Smirnoff vodka (a double hit: the drink of choice of both the featured country, and James Bond!) with which to wet your fake mustaches, as well as the opportunity to show off your best Tatiana Romanova bombshell pose at a Cold War photo shoot.

If the free finger food fails to hit the spot, or you’re looking for a pick-me-up after having failed to win the Super Secret Spy scavenger hunt, stop by Zola for the after-after-hours party next door. Can you think of a better way to be a tourist in your own city?

The night’s events are predicted to sell out fast though, so don’t treat BYT’s offer like a game of Russian Roulette – take no chances by buying tickets in advance here.

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