Music Notes: Costner Dances With Music

by Editorial

Award winning actor comes to Maryland … as the frontman of a country music band.
By Anna Storm

Kevin Costner performing with his band, "Kevin Costner & Modern West." (Photo courtesy of Strathmore)

Kevin Costner’s 40+ years in Hollywood have seen some big moments. Big acclaim (7 Oscars for the actor’s directorial debut, “Dances With Wolves,”), big ballads (Whitney’s rendition of “I Will Always Love You” for “The Bodyguard” ensured generations of viewers would always forget the Dolly Parton original), and big miscalculations (a sequel to “The Graduate”… 40 years later… with Jennifer Aniston?).

Now, the steadfast hero with the lopsided smile, the everyman with the otherwordly blue eyes, Mr. Bull Durham/Wyatt Earp/Roy ‘Tin Cup’ McAvoy himself, is hoping for another big move. On Thursday, April 5th, Costner will appear at Strathmore in Bethesda, MD, to perform as his latest incarnation: himself, otherwise known as the frontman for country music band, “Kevin Costner & Modern West.”

Although some film fans might call foul over the star’s crossing of genre lines, a little-known fact outside of the IMDB-sphere is that Costner actively pursued music before finding acclaim on-screen. In 2005, one of Costner’s first bands, “Roving Boy,” reunited for a performance so successful Costner and co. decided to resurrect the group, adding three new members to form the new-and-improved “Kevin Costner & Modern West.” These days, the actor’s gone back to his roots, referencing our nation’s own musical lineage with his country music tunes, crooning about “freight trains, dusty avenues, and broken dreams… in faded jeans,” says CNN.

“West” has steadily been working since its formation, building a body of work that includes 2011’s “From Where I Stand.” This should come as no surprise to Costner fans. Like any entertainer working toward big things, the multi-talented performer well knows: If you build it, they will come.

If you’d like to come check out Kevin Costner & Modern West’s 8 o’clock performance, tickets run from $35-$90. For more information on tickets, and Strathmore, please click here.

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